Sunday, July 29, 2018

I’ll tell you why, responsible people that are doers instead of just talkers and excuse makers soon tires of the lack of responsibility and accountability indoctrination liberal talkers projects.

I see far too much of it in the young, adults, and all over the place, very little staying power today. 

Whatever happened to the sense of challenge, as soon as things get hard and tough far too many today wants to quit and give up? And some even takes the permanent easy way out.

I’m no rocket scientist or brain surgeon, but I’ve always challenged anything reasonable within my capacity and go to great lengths to not let anything whip me. 

I have fought a neurotic mental battle for nearly seventy years from my bed wetting days as a young child, yet I believe one day I will win that neurotic battle, you never lose in life unless you quit or give up.  

Only some form of strong societal discipline makes the people truly appreciate and value a great culture and demand moral turpitude. The more one struggles for and puts into life the more one cares about life and wants to live.

True love and bonding for anything or anybody comes with treating them well, even if you don't mean it in the beginning. The mental and the physical will always try and merge as one. 

So, just the act of having to treat someone well in time causes bonding whether one likes it or not.

You may enjoy controlling one you treat badly, but you can't truly love one you treat badly for long, hate raises its ugly head.

Who can truly respect the law if it doesn't demand equal justice for all, every judge must demand total respect in his court, or mob rule would prevail.
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