Saturday, July 14, 2018

Most people have heard the old saying: Opinions are like you know what, everybody has one.

So, to have and maintain an orderly and peaceful society some form of strong discipline versus individual freedom is a must, period.

To have and maintain an orderly and peaceful nation almost all authoritarian societies tends to choose the “Strong iron fist” form of discipline versus little individual freedom to the people.

But, the downside to that system of rule is the risk of starvation due to low production and distribution.

Whereas, on the other hand almost all free nations tends to put very little restriction on individual freedom versus a weak form of “Iron fist” type of discipline, but it is a must to have a true free market place economy with free floating prices and wages at all cost, period.

The reason why there must be free floating prices and wages is because that is what gives the free market place its purging power, which is one the most disciplining forces on earth in line with nature’s survival of the strongest and fittest.

The emotion of greed is one of the most powerful and energizing forces in man’s entire make up.

Only a true free market place economy has the disciplining power to harness greed that awesome power to create great abundance unmatchable like never before, yet maintain a peaceable and orderly society.

But, you take away free floating prices and wages, then you have around eighty years or four generations before the people will start demanding and eventually force “Iron fist” rule on the nation just to gain peace from civil disorder, period.

After the 1938 federal minimum wage law was enacted the U.S. economy was then disarmed with no disciplining purging power to fight off inflation or any means to protect our culture and moral values.

Then, the shallow minded do-good liberals went to work, they created their candy store and started making promises to the moon and back, they grabbed the house of representative and kept it for 40 consecutive years.

With no way to stop them the once strong U.S. economy, which had suffered a abnormal severe correcting bust cycle, was now gutted by a method to stop the complete free floating of wages, known as the U.S. federal minimum wage fair labor law.

Next, we were left with a currency inflated phony weak p…. -U.S. economy, about as effective as tits on a boar hog in terms of protecting us from the liberals.

Fast forward to today: The liberals are to a great extent insane, in control, and running wild, God help us. And still, the nation fails to repeal the 1938 federal minimum wage law.

I have done all I could as a writer to get the 1938 federal minimum wage law repealed. I, as a writer truly believe repealing the 1938 federal minimum wage law must be repealed, but am afraid even that may be too little too late.

With that, I carry on.

I, Freddie L Sirmans Senior believe out of control liberalism is as great a survival threat to the USA and western civilization as the nuclear weapon issue, especially since these welfare state nations no longer has complete free floating prices and wages.

Without complete free floating prices and wages to arm a free market place economy with purging power discipline there is no way of controlling run-away liberalism, which most liberals are naturally weak on common sense and sound judgment in this writer's view.

In a free nation, the law can become emotional and corrupt, but never in a true free market place economy with free-floating prices and wages. 

Governments and powerful people have never liked a true free market place, because you either make in the free market place or you don't, whom you know can't save you. 

Poor governments around the world would all fare better if they would just let a true free market place work, but no, they will either tax seccess to death or kill the free market place with nepotism.        continue to older posts 🔻

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