Sunday, July 1, 2018

I’m no economist or even an educated person, but I do have a lot of raw wisdom and common sense. 

And without a doubt, I know that unless the court system rule the federal government out of the private sector wage and price business and leave that to the states, the cities, and private business itself, the USA economy can’t help but totally collapse soon, one way or another. 

The federal government managing private businesses is what’s killing the private USA economy now; the government should have stayed with just collecting taxes. The cost of living is totally out of reach for the very poor now, and the middle class is barely making it from payday to payday. 

Folks, remember I am a writer that just lets her rip sometimes, which is just my one-person opinion and no one else. I’m one that truly believes that a strong nuclear and extended family system is the only dependable sure guarantee for human survival, and to never place God like faith in any government as sole provider, period. 

There has never been a government that didn’t fail or collapse at some point. Sure, the economy is booming in the USA at the moment, but the real character of an individual or nation is how it will fare if enough things collapse or go wrong. 

No free nation can survive very long with a corrupt dependency upside down culture and extremely weak nuclear and extended family foundation, period.

And this writer’s belief is no mass government dependency nation can possibly have enough self-initiative or mental toughness to cut it, which will mean total doom without a God sent miracle.

Far too many able bodied in their prime are dealing with substance abuse, dealing with the criminal justice system, and even choosing the easy self-centered way out through suicide, which deeply saddens me.

If the USA had an economy without a crippling federal minimum wade law the economy would have the societal discipline to whip this nation back in ship shape to cut it. After all a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

Sure, a minimum wage law would be a good thing if done by the states, local government, and private business itself, but never by the federal government if our culture and moral values are to survive, period.

And it is all due to an economy without any real societal disciplining power left because of the USA 1938 socialist federal minimum wage law, what a shame. The 10th amendment must prevail over prices and wages if the U.S. economy is to survive.
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