Sunday, August 12, 2018

Culture in terms of the health and long-term survival of a nation is everything, period. 

And that is the core problem with the USA; the 1938 federal wage law is what set in motion the decline and final destruction of the once strong and all-powerful USA culture. 

Before 1938 about the only place you could find a true bleeding heart liberal was from a rich family or from an Ivy League collage. 

Now they are being bred off the welfare state production line, bred out of the ghetto, bred out of the slums, bred out of the wood works, and everywhere. 

Never in history have the very poor ever been liberal and moral corrupt on a grand scale like today in the USA. 

The poor is killing the unborn in the womb more than any other demographic group. Lack of societal discipline always breeds liberalism, which always leads to total chaos. Are we there yet, not quite?

Yet, who gives a damn, culture in the USA has been reduced to just another seven-letter word, how sad.

The 1938 federal wage law is what allowed the production of all of these liberals running around with hardly an ounce of common sense or sound judgment. 

I love-um them liberals but they can’t be trusted with the survival of this great nation in this writers view. 

Ninety percent of the USA population doesn’t give a damn about culture. How could they, when most don’t know what the hell a strong culture really is anymore? Today any and everything goes, if it feel good do it, who gives a damn anyway. 

I’ll just cut this short and end by saying: Nothing can rescue what is left and restore USA culture until the 1938 federal wage law is repealed. 

I wonder when is anyone going to hear me on this last lifeline to save the USA as a free nation.
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Sunday, July 29, 2018

I’ll tell you why, responsible people that are doers instead of just talkers and excuse makers soon tires of the lack of responsibility and accountability indoctrination liberal talkers projects.

I see far too much of it in the young, adults, and all over the place, very little staying power today. 

Whatever happened to the sense of challenge, as soon as things get hard and tough far too many today wants to quit and give up? And some even takes the permanent easy way out.

I’m no rocket scientist or brain surgeon, but I’ve always challenged anything reasonable within my capacity and go to great lengths to not let anything whip me. 

I have fought a neurotic mental battle for nearly seventy years from my bed wetting days as a young child, yet I believe one day I will win that neurotic battle, you never lose in life unless you quit or give up.  

Only some form of strong societal discipline makes the people truly appreciate and value a great culture and demand moral turpitude. The more one struggles for and puts into life the more one cares about life and wants to live.

True love and bonding for anything or anybody comes with treating them well, even if you don't mean it in the beginning. The mental and the physical will always try and merge as one. 

So, just the act of having to treat someone well in time causes bonding whether one likes it or not.

You may enjoy controlling one you treat badly, but you can't truly love one you treat badly for long, hate raises its ugly head.

Who can truly respect the law if it doesn't demand equal justice for all, every judge must demand total respect in his court, or mob rule would prevail.
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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Current events note: Concerning the president of the USA, talk is cheap, but that man is in the arena verbally bruised and battered and he has experienced the highs and lows of high achievement.

Which is something all of these armchair genius talkers instead doers will never understand. And he could never have become president in the first place against almost impossible odds without great wisdom and self-control over his emotions.

This writer trusts him over any shallow-minded emotional do-good liberal any day. 

Folk, all of this constant negative yap, yap, yaps, by these shallow minded liberal TV networks are not entirely harmless. Good positive minds are being poisoned.

Any constant barrage of negative, hateful, and destructive yapping will poison any good mind that listens long enough. 

The mental and physical always tries and will merge given time. You can't constantly listen to hateful negative stuff without at some point start believing it.  

I love liberals, this would be a bleak dreary world without liberals always searching for a cause in their own shallow way to do good, make something better, to help someone, and to save Bambi and all of God's creatures. 

The problem is they don't seem to have that internal moral gauge that regulates when to stop or when enough is enough and they will push on and on deeper and deeper into sheer insanity to no end.

That is why all down throughout history only the "Iron Fist" ruled, this thing we call individual freedom on a mass scale is a new frontier beginning with the USA. 

That is why the ignorance of enacting the 1938 minimum wage law must be forgiven and quickly repealed.

That unknowingly destructive 1938 minimum wage law removed the necessary societal discipline barrier that kept liberalism under control, which for the first time in history allowed individual freedom to the people on a mass scale.

But, I have serious doubt that the USA will ever recover from enacting the 1938 federal minimum wage law that disarmed and killed the purging power in our U.S. economy. 

But, miracles do happen, and especially if that God forsaken 1938 law is finally repealed.  
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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Most people have heard the old saying: Opinions are like you know what, everybody has one.

So, to have and maintain an orderly and peaceful society some form of strong discipline versus individual freedom is a must, period.

To have and maintain an orderly and peaceful nation almost all authoritarian societies tends to choose the “Strong iron fist” form of discipline versus little individual freedom to the people.

But, the downside to that system of rule is the risk of starvation due to low production and distribution.

Whereas, on the other hand almost all free nations tends to put very little restriction on individual freedom versus a weak form of “Iron fist” type of discipline, but it is a must to have a true free market place economy with free floating prices and wages at all cost, period.

The reason why there must be free floating prices and wages is because that is what gives the free market place its purging power, which is one the most disciplining forces on earth in line with nature’s survival of the strongest and fittest.

The emotion of greed is one of the most powerful and energizing forces in man’s entire make up.

Only a true free market place economy has the disciplining power to harness greed that awesome power to create great abundance unmatchable like never before, yet maintain a peaceable and orderly society.

But, you take away free floating prices and wages, then you have around eighty years or four generations before the people will start demanding and eventually force “Iron fist” rule on the nation just to gain peace from civil disorder, period.

After the 1938 federal minimum wage law was enacted the U.S. economy was then disarmed with no disciplining purging power to fight off inflation or any means to protect our culture and moral values.

Then, the shallow minded do-good liberals went to work, they created their candy store and started making promises to the moon and back, they grabbed the house of representative and kept it for 40 consecutive years.

With no way to stop them the once strong U.S. economy, which had suffered a abnormal severe correcting bust cycle, was now gutted by a method to stop the complete free floating of wages, known as the U.S. federal minimum wage fair labor law.

Next, we were left with a currency inflated phony weak p…. -U.S. economy, about as effective as tits on a boar hog in terms of protecting us from the liberals.

Fast forward to today: The liberals are to a great extent insane, in control, and running wild, God help us. And still, the nation fails to repeal the 1938 federal minimum wage law.

I have done all I could as a writer to get the 1938 federal minimum wage law repealed. I, as a writer truly believe repealing the 1938 federal minimum wage law must be repealed, but am afraid even that may be too little too late.

With that, I carry on.

I, Freddie L Sirmans Senior believe out of control liberalism is as great a survival threat to the USA and western civilization as the nuclear weapon issue, especially since these welfare state nations no longer has complete free floating prices and wages.

Without complete free floating prices and wages to arm a free market place economy with purging power discipline there is no way of controlling run-away liberalism, which most liberals are naturally weak on common sense and sound judgment in this writer's view.

In a free nation, the law can become emotional and corrupt, but never in a true free market place economy with free-floating prices and wages. 

Governments and powerful people have never liked a true free market place, because you either make in the free market place or you don't, whom you know can't save you. 

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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Only societal discipline can protect and safeguard a nations culture and morals. Only an “Iron fist” or a non-federal minimum wage economy can possibly provide that necessary societal discipline.

A house or nation divided and without proper societal discipline cannot possible stand very long, period.

No matter what problems the USA faced since it's founding the nation always stayed one as a whole. And that stayed the case until the "New Deal" programs came along and was capped off with the fair labor federal minimum wage law.

Sure, there is no doubt that the "New Deal" ended a lot of pain and suffering, but at what cost, which may end up being the nations destruction.

And it is this writer's view that the USA cannot be saved as a free nation until that insane arch-evil 1938 socialist federal minimum wage law is repealed.

Sure, the USA is a nation of law not of man, and the law is the main thing that is keeping the USA free. However, it is too late now the law can no longer save the USA as a free nation. 

I will make it simple, fact one: you can’t keep a free nation very long without a true free market place economy, period. And a true free market place economy can’t exist with a federal minimum wage law in effect. 

That is the states, local government, and private enterprise duty if wages are to be set at all, according to the 10th amendment, period.

Anyone that thinks the USA and Western Europe have true free market place economies is a fool or doesn’t understand free market principals. 

The first rule of a free market place economy is the market place itself sets prices and wages, not the government or anyone else. 

And if prices and wages are not free floating you can call it anything you want to, but it won’t be a true free market place economy. 

Once the USA federal government prevented free floating prices and wages in the U.S. economy that was a kiss of death to our culture, moral values, and lasting U.S. freedom. 

It’s been right at eighty years since the USA have had an economy with free-floating prices and wages to protect the nations culture and morals. 

Since that time the USA has lived with an economy with no purging power to really kick ass and take names, which means there is nothing to enforcing societal discipline, nothing to enforcing self-responsibility, and nothing to enforcing self-accountability. 

I guarantee you with an economy with free floating prices and wages which would have gave the U.S. economy full purging power none of the above duties would have been neglected, period. 

That grave lack of wisdom allowed the liberals to grow government into an all powerful welfare state that has all but destroyed our USA nuclear and extended family system. 

And also our once strong culture and adequate emergency fallback bartering capacity with many small farmers and home gardeners to buy time in case the economy ever failed. 

In this writer’s one-man opinion we are now little more than a phony has been in terms of sheer raw staying power. 

And if we continue to let the insane arch-evil 1938 socialist federal minimum wage law lack of wisdom mistake stand, someone might as well stick a fork in us now, because we will soon be done, cooked. 

Folks, as a crude self-made writer, sometimes I use shock effect to make a point and try to wake someone up. In no way have I lost faith in my homeland, the only home I know and love. 

With all of our flaws, we are still the greatest and most powerful nation on earth, and as a veteran I will still gladly give my life for her (The motherland).

Just maybe, that is why I write.
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Sunday, July 8, 2018


All of this hyped outrageous ado about Roe vs. Wade is actually a violation of the 10th amendment in the first place. The federal minimum wage law and Roe vs Wade are both blatant violations of the 10th amendment.

If the 10th amendment had got any respect the USA culture and moral values wouldn’t be going to hell in a hand basket today due to the 1938 federal minimum wage law, which turned a strong U.S. economic natural bust cycle into an excuse to enact the first free market place minimum wage law in history. 

That grave free market place economic mistake turned a strong U.S. economy into the inflated phony weak p…. economy we have today with no societal discipline, which the USA will never recover from unless the 1938 socialist federal minimum wage law is repealed, finally like the liquor law. 

 Folks, I have failed and must take blame for my failures as a writer. For twenty years or more I have been drum beating against a federal minimum wage law, and am still against the 1938 U.S. federal minimum wage law. 

However, where I have failed the most is my failure not to truly explain why I feel a federal minimum wage law is so much of a threat. The first mistake I made is not confessing that I actually love a minimum wage law, but not a federal minimum wage law. 

The difference is a federal minimum wage law is a single unit of one, which is a monopoly. And in a free nation with a free market place economy a federal minimum wage monopoly is basically the same as a socialist or authoritarian system. 

Where as, a minimum wage law granted by the states, local governments, and private enterprise there is no single entity monopoly to choke off the whole nation's free floating wages and prices. Then in that case a minimum wage law is a good and wise thing. 

That is why I believe the federal minimum wage law has almost totally destroyed our whole nation's culture and moral values, whereas just the opposite would have happened if the 10th amendment had not been blatantly violated, and we may never recover. 

Only state government, local government, and private enterprise can safely grant minimum wage laws, period.  
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Saturday, July 7, 2018

The 10th amendment was designed to be a safety valve to prevent an all-powerful run-away federal bureaucracy from growing too powerful and taking over.
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Friday, July 6, 2018

The states created the federal government, now they have no direct representation in congress, and the 10th amendment is almost totally ignored for the most part.
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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

The insane arch-evil 1938 socialist federal minimum wage law is definitely in violation of the 10th amendment to the U.S. constitution, which means the power to set wages and prices should be reserved to the states, cities, and private businesses, period.
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Sunday, July 1, 2018

I’m no economist or even an educated person, but I do have a lot of raw wisdom and common sense. 

And without a doubt, I know that unless the court system rule the federal government out of the private sector wage and price business and leave that to the states, the cities, and private business itself, the USA economy can’t help but totally collapse soon, one way or another. 

The federal government managing private businesses is what’s killing the private USA economy now; the government should have stayed with just collecting taxes. The cost of living is totally out of reach for the very poor now, and the middle class is barely making it from payday to payday. 

Folks, remember I am a writer that just lets her rip sometimes, which is just my one-person opinion and no one else. I’m one that truly believes that a strong nuclear and extended family system is the only dependable sure guarantee for human survival, and to never place God like faith in any government as sole provider, period. 

There has never been a government that didn’t fail or collapse at some point. Sure, the economy is booming in the USA at the moment, but the real character of an individual or nation is how it will fare if enough things collapse or go wrong. 

No free nation can survive very long with a corrupt dependency upside down culture and extremely weak nuclear and extended family foundation, period.

And this writer’s belief is no mass government dependency nation can possibly have enough self-initiative or mental toughness to cut it, which will mean total doom without a God sent miracle.

Far too many able bodied in their prime are dealing with substance abuse, dealing with the criminal justice system, and even choosing the easy self-centered way out through suicide, which deeply saddens me.

If the USA had an economy without a crippling federal minimum wade law the economy would have the societal discipline to whip this nation back in ship shape to cut it. After all a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

Sure, a minimum wage law would be a good thing if done by the states, local government, and private business itself, but never by the federal government if our culture and moral values are to survive, period.

And it is all due to an economy without any real societal disciplining power left because of the USA 1938 socialist federal minimum wage law, what a shame. The 10th amendment must prevail over prices and wages if the U.S. economy is to survive.
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Saturday, June 30, 2018

To the best of my knowledge overturning roe vs. wade in no way ends abortions in the USA.  Ending roe vs. wade, as I understand it send abortions back to each state to decide the issue. 

I believe abortions will still become legal in many states, which is the case of not violating the 10th amendment in the first place.
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Monday, June 25, 2018

The USA was the first nation to provide vast mass individual freedom to the general public on a grand scale. But, there is one element of simple wisdom the USA is hell bent on learning the hard way. 

That wisdom is: There is no lasting enjoyment of anything in life without strong discipline playing a major role, and that includes freedom. The only thing that made the USA the most freest, productive, and greatest nation to ever exist was a true free market place economy. 

Also, that economy had the ability to renew or rebirth itself with boom and bust cycles similar to the life and death cycle. Sure, on the surface these boom and bust cycles seems evil and bad but in the grand scheme of things they won’t let the negative anti-survival destructive forces get too powerful. 

So, what went wrong? The short answer is the enacting of the 1938 socialist minimum wage law killed the purging power that enforces the discipline in a free market place economy, thereby leaving the USA economy for the first time powerless to maintain strong societal discipline and fight off inflation. 

Now, the human factor raises its ugly head: Some people just naturally seeks to fill a void need or a need to find a cause to feel whole. Most have heard the saying: Never stand between a liberal and a cause if you don’t want to get ran over. 

So, without the USA economy providing strong discipline anymore, the whole USA society will have hell to pay, and we definitely see it today four generations later with the insane extreme liberal news media propaganda machine churning out slimy culture rot and moral decay slop 24-7. 

The USA has no “Iron fist” rule, so with the 1938 federal minimum wage law blocking our economy from purging out bad and evil public behavior the USA, as we know it will soon be toast. 

There is nothing wrong with the states, cities, and businesses setting their own minimum wage laws, because then it is competitive and no harm done, but with the federal government it’s a national monopoly that in time leads to total U.S. destruction.
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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Ever since the 17th amendment was enacted it was only a matter of time before something like the filibuster rule would not survive but so long before biting the dust.

With the extreme liberalism insanity that now exist in the USA today I’m sure today’s liberal will never let the filibuster rule block anything they really want to do. And I agree totally with that decision.

The 17th amendment changed the U.S. senate to an upper house representing his or her states people, instead of an upper house designed by the U.S. constitution to represent each states governor and state legislature.

Enough of this U.S. senate nonsense, way back the state's governors and state legislatures ducked their duties and made their own beds. Now, why not just junk the filibuster and let fifty plus one rule the day regardless.

However, unlike the house, instead of having to wait less than two years to throw the bums out, the senate has six-year terms. Its too late now, but maybe the 17th amendment was a mistake.

Besides, in terms of the USA surviving as a free nation, we first need to get rid of the arch-evil 1938 socialist federal minimum wage law. And that alone would solve 95 percent of every ill the USA has today, including the immigration problem.

Far too many able-bodied USA citizens doesn't have a must work need to take almost any job to eat to survive like before the welfare state.

However, I believe the USA economy is going to totally collapse within five years from too much social and family provider spending. 

Practically all government income originates and is taken directly or indirectly from the profits of USA private businesses or stocks, period.
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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The first thing is: This self-made writer is not educated or a scholar in anyway. But, as a serious writer of almost super natural wisdom and creative thinking he felt the need to express a brief view on individual freedom. 

In my view vast individual freedom for the masses begin with the USA and its great constitution, which was something almost unheard of throughout history. 

I hate to say this, but I truly believe that the USA today as a nation can no longer handle individual freedom for a very simple reason called lack of societal discipline. 

Never in all of history has a government ever been a mass social and family welfare state provider until within the last 80 years or so, this can't possibly end well because it destroys people's sense of individual accountability on a mass scale.

All throughout history only one method has been used to maintain societal discipline and that was the “Iron fist”, period. 

It may not be pretty, but the “Iron fist” is a very effective means of maintaining a peaceful and orderly society and almost all authoritarian governments use it, but the downside is very low production and mass starvation. 

However, the one thing so many learned economists even to this today fails to understand is with a true free market place economy all prices and wages must be free floating to protect the economy itself and maintain societal discipline. 

That will give the country mass production with strong societal discipline without completely closing off greed, which is the most motivating force in all of human nature. 

A true free market place economy doesn’t shut off greed like the “Iron fist does; it harnesses it, and that is something most liberals will never understand. And any minimum wage or price law kills the free floating ability of a true free market place economy thereby ending its societal discipline power, period. 

Sure, a free nation can enact minimum wage laws, which ignites inflation and get away with it for around eighty years or four generations, but then the S… starts hitting the fan. 

With no free floating wages the economy can’t purge and rebirth, which allows all of the negative anti-survival forces to become too powerful, forces like the insane extremely bias liberal news media propaganda machine, mass culture rot and moral decay, and many others threats. 

Almost 90 percent of USA citizens today see the U.S. government as some kind of imaginary omnipotent cash sow with countless amounts of financial tits to be sucked on forever, while in true reality the USA economy will soon collapse from having too many mouths to feed and take care of. 

Folks, I am just one writer with my one-man opinion that is dishing out only food for though, I don’t have to be right, and pray that I’m not. I believe it is inevitable that the USA will soon face a very rude awakening. 

The main reason the USA founding fathers made this country a republic form of government was because they knew the general public tends to be uninformed, have a herd mentality, are very emotional, and have short tempers, which in reality ends up as mob rule. 

In my one man’s view the USA now has an insane out of touch extremely bias liberal news media that has brain washed nearly half the nation and flipped the nations morals and culture norms upside down, which means only the societal discipline of the “Iron fist” or the purging power discipline of a true free market place economy minus a minimum wage law can save the USA now. 

The nations laws are approaching a useless state because like almost everything else the law has become far too polarized now to save us from our selves. Like I said before, only the “Iron fist” or a true free market place minus a minimum wage law can give the USA a fighting chance of righting this ship, Otherwise, this ship is going to go down in this writer’s view. 

God, I ask in your name, save my beloved homeland the only home I have ever known. Amen.
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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

If the USA loses the capacity to police and clean up its own house, we will not only cease to be a free nation, we will lose our soul and reason to exist, period.
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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Folks, I am just a lowly self-made writer and I have decided to give my assessment of the culture and moral health of the USA, I’m sorry folks, but I must assign an “F”.  

I must say that President Trump has been a Godsend to help save the USA from insane extreme liberalism, but it’s too little too late. Trump’s action is like putting a finger in a dike with a thousand leaks. 

There is only one thing that can prevent the liberals and liberalism from dooming the USA all the way back to the Stone Age. That one thing I am referring to is: Repealing the arch-evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law, period. 

Doing that will give the USA free market place economy back its natural all-powerful purging power discipline, which should never have been taken away in the first place. 

However, I don’t believe it is possible for the USA to ever get rid of the minimum wage law; which means the USA will soon be history. 

I hate to admit it, but I for one believe liberals and liberalism has corrupted the USA justice department and FBI from top to top, and the insane extreme highly partisan bias liberal news media is far too powerful and will never let accountability take place to fully clean house. 

When the super aggressive liberals and liberalism controls the news media, the education system from kinder garden through college, and damn near everything else in the USA, but they almost never places our beloved country above egotistical die-hard self-interest and blind bias liberal partisanship. 

It’s over folks, there is no barrier left between the liberals and total USA destruction, except giving back the USA free market place economy it full societal disciplining power, which I don't believe the USA has the wisdom or the will to ever do. 

The reason I say it is over is because the USA has a welfare state breeder system that is turning out almost all liberals as our future citizens. Plus, we have a naive shallow minded extremely bias partisan all-powerful liberal news media. 

And it is a news media that is making and keeping hordes of U.S. citizens dumb and ignorant by broadcasting vocal polluted culture rot, and moral decay slop 24-7 none stop to no end.  

So, without an economy with full natural purging power discipline the insane extreme liberals cannot even be slowed down let alone be reined in for the sake of the country. 

The USA as a nation of vast individual freedom is now like the walking dead in terms of keeping that freedom, in this writer's view.
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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Common sense and sound judgment in this writer’s view, something most liberals will never understand, except maybe after some kind of harsh mentally or physically rude awakening.
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Sunday, June 10, 2018

I loved to watch the Anthony Bourdain show. I don’t know about anyone else but I for one noticed one thing about his recent shows that struck me as to wonder why? So, I just chalked it up as being with the times we are living in today. 

The one thing I’m referring to is a word quite a few comedians use to the extreme. In fact unless this word is used solely in a proper context I for one find it distasteful and definitely not funny. 

The word I am referring to is the “S…” word. So, I continued to enjoy the show, yet found the said word completely unnecessary, period.
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Sunday, June 3, 2018

This writer believes the un-elected extreme liberal bureaucracy has criminalized the Trump presidency by setting in motion a questionable search and destroy force.

I understand about anyone getting bogged down and getting lost in the legal due process maze. But, I feel there is no excuse for the constitutional elected oversight committees not to be able to see what set in motion this highly partisan extreme liberal witch hunt attempt to take down a legal elected U.S. president.

In terms of sheer raw power the un-elected extreme liberal bureaucracy has actually taken over the U.S. federal criminal justice system in this writer's view. And the real kicker is they won't allow proper congressional oversight, either.

The extreme liberals have long ruled the U.S. free press and news media. Also, the extreme liberals rule practically all of the U.S. education system from top to bottom. And now they have seized control of the U.S. federal equal justice under the law system in this writer's view.

Agree or not, like it or not, the American voting public put president Trump in office. Dealing with common sense and sound judgment to most liberals is like what happens when someone flashes the Christian cross in the face of a vampire.

The shallow minded do-good liberals have come to believe that they alone own the country. And it should be their way or the highway. I say to a liberal get a grip and take responsibility and stop blaming everything and everybody except the man/woman in the mirror.
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Sunday, May 27, 2018

As a soon to be seventy six year old I never actually realized before how important the attorney general’s role is to a president in terms of friend or foe.

I remember well when president Kennedy appointed his brother Robert as attorney general. And every president that I can remember they all had an excellent spirit of cooperation with their attorney generals except with president Trump.

Only the U.S. attorney general or acting attorney general can appoint special counsels, preside over all U.S. federal prosecutors, bring legal charges against anyone, and many other legal things, which is an awesome power in any one un-elected individual.

Plus, political partisanship also can become a grave hidden threat to a republic form of government if not checked by constant oversight surveillance, which is demanded by our republic elected people's house of Representative.

Folks, I am just a self-made severely handicapped writer. And I thank God that I can still write some strong views against the political grain without disappearing in the middle of the night.

My only goal is to help save my beloved homeland, which I believe has lost its way.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Sometimes fighting fire with fire is what it takes. And in this case no one can out liberal a liberal, except a reformed enlightened former liberal. I wrote from the beginning that I believed that Trump was actually a liberal that had seen the light and has become enlightened.

There is nothing innate about being a liberal its just that they tends to lack strong survival awareness. The fact is a many of liberals have become conservative and enlightened overnight after a slap upside the head by a mugger or some other rude awaking.

No other republican in the whole country except Trump could possibly have won the 2016 USA presidential election against the all-powerful extremely bias liberal news media, period. I believe Trump like most survivals realized many years ago that your best chance of surviving in life is to embrace truth and keep within the legal path to avoid traps and pitfalls.

Like the old saying: “You can’t cheat an honest man.” No one truly knows how the Trump saga is going to play out in the end. But, Trump is a survival, and this writer believes he will continue to survive. He won’t quit and he won’t destroy himself. 

Dick Nixon said it best, “Your haters can’t destroy you unless you hate them back, then you destroy yourself.” Amen.

Friday, May 25, 2018

I have isolated “Buying Power” as what’s going to soon collapse the USA economy. And only repealing the 1938 socialist minimum wage law can prevent this unnecessary total doom all the way back to the Stone Age.

The cost of living has been out of reach for the very poor for a long time, but now it is approaching the out of reach point for the middle class. One can hardly go into a supermarket anymore and come out having spent less than $50.00.

Why do you think schoolteachers are striking all over the place? Hell, the government can’t afford to subsidize even most of the very poor, let alone take on the financial burden of subsidizing the middle class, too.

There is no reversing this upward cost of living socialist monster as long as there is a socialist minimum wage law in place, period.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

It is never a wise idea to have all of ones survival eggs in one basket. And especially when the basket is a liberal created big spending super sugar daddy to all comers welfare state.

No one know when but as a writer I have a feeling in my bones that the USA whole economy is going to soon come crashing down. 

As a great creative thinker I don’t care what the egg heads and the learned economist tell you, I’m telling you we are decades well overdue for an earth shaking economic bust cycle rebirth. 

That is nature itself at work, boom and bust rebirth cycles must take place the same as the birth and death cycle to make room for the new. Already the negative anti-survival forces in the USA have become so powerful that common sense and sound judgment can barely be found in the nations news media any more.

And the problem is the USA has no chance of surviving through a sure to come full bust cycle. In case anyone is thinking the worst would be something like the hard times during the last great depression, forget that, we don't have the basic human survival infrastructure left.

During the last great depression in the USA almost everything was run by the private sector and hardly anyone was solely dependent on the federal government for anything.

During the last great depression the nuclear and extended family structure was strong along with the nations culture and moral values. Also, the people had great respect for other people’s feelings and property.

In that day there was enough emergency backup bartering capacity with many small farmers and home gardeners to buy time for the economy to regroup.

Besides, without the 1938 socialist minimum wage law it would bring back the days of many small farmers and home gardeners. Which would also bring back healthy natural grown food instead of these huge centralized plant and animal farms.

Hardly any of the above mention infrastructure things that allowed the USA to survive through the last great depression exist today, which will mean instant martial law if the USA economy failed today. And it will take martial law and the “Iron Fist” just to maintain order. Individual freedom may be gone forever to never return.

That is the reason I plead and beat the drum so hard for the repeal of the insane arch-evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law, because that was the first poison pill that hog tied the purging power in the USA economy, which thereby set inflation free to roam and corrupt the world.

Economic inflation is a two headed monster and like electricity, inflation can enrich and give you comfort, but dangerous enough to destroy any nations culture and inner moral fabric, too.

Economic inflation along with the welfare state and the 1938 socialist minimum wage law has certainly ripped apart USA culture and moral values. 

And has left the USA with almost no means of survival when the private USA economy soon collapses from the weight of our still growing federal welfare state obese beast.

Sunday, May 20, 2018


Sometimes I listen to the Washington Journal call in show, which tries to take an equal amount of calls from republicans, democrats, and sometimes independents and others. 

I pride myself on being an objective pragmatic individual even to a fault. But, folks I'm telling you it is downright scary to me listening to many of the calls coming from just common citizens. 

I feel the insane bias liberal news media propaganda machine is even more successful than even they realize. Many of these callers certainly had drunk the cool-aid and closed their minds to true reality, and as to facts, shelve them up you know what. 

I'm scared folks, with an all-powerful insane bias liberal news media propaganda machine dishing out least resistance feel good culture rot and moral decay slop 24-7, at this point of no return, only a true free market place economy minus a minimum wage law can save the USA now, period.

How can anyone with common sense and sound judgment logically expect someone to behave responsible and exercise restraint that has never been conditioned to be responsible and exercise restraint?

A trip behind the woodshed in by-gone days instilled strong consciences in the very young and protected society from all of today like extreme liberalism insanity. Just the act of growing up permits reward or punishment to automatically instill in every child a weak or strong conscience.

As a rule reward or punishment is what governs all behavior. Parents can use love, praise, and other means to reward a child, and then on the other hand use the same tools as punishment by selectively with holding them.

However, if done fairly corporal punishment builds one of the strongest consciences of all in a child, but if done unfairly it can break a child like breaking a horse and do severe mental damage to a child for the rest of his/her life.

The key to protecting and safeguarding any nation is to instill in the very young proper norms and traditions, that is the only way to prevent culture rot and moral decay, period.

What all of the old norms and traditions had in common was they evolved down through the ages for one purpose and that was to aid survival in some way.

Everything about life and keeping a healthy society is based on a survival need. Man must have a survival need for woman, and woman must have a survival need for man. And nothing takes away from those survival needs more than a welfare state, period.

The welfare state and minimum wage laws are what’s destroying western civilization and there can be no recovery as long as those two things are in place. I’ll close by saying this: Who the hell knows what proper norms and traditions are anymore we have wondered so far off course.

But, I know this the only way back to sanity and any hope of saving individual freedom in the USA is with a true free market place economy minus any minimum wage law, period.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

There is nothing complicated here! It is simple; the real cause for the school shootings are ill raised youngsters, which is due to extreme liberalism. And the real cause for extreme out of control liberalism is the 1938 socialist minimum wage law, period. The nation is now reaping the results from that poison pill 1938 socialist law.

That 1938 socialist law destroyed the natural societal discipline in the USA free market place economy. And no amount of false blaming or if it feels good do it will ever maintain peace and order, only some form of firm discipline can maintain lasting peace and order.

There is no lasting enjoyment of anything in life without discipline, not even love or freedom, period. A true free market place economy without any price or wage controls will naturally provide firm societal discipline and allow individual freedom to remain intact and save the USA culturally, morally, and financially.

But, I don’t believe the rich and powerful will ever allow the 1938 socialist poison pill minimum wage law to ever be repealed. So, for the USA future that leaves only the “Iron Fist” without individual freedom to ever bring peace and order back to the USA. There are no quick fixes for what is wrong with the whole USA society.

The gun and all other symptoms are only excuses for ill raised youngsters that are not being instilled with proper norms and traditions. And things are only going to continue deteriorating to the point of bringing down our whole society. I say, repeal the insane arch-evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law before it is too late or else, period.

Besides, in terms of culture rot and moral decay, what else is new, we have almost an entire liberal news media that is already blind as a bat to common sense and sound judgment, we the USA are in far more trouble than we think, believe or not.
FREDDIE LEE SIRMANS SENIOR’S (Fred the tender hearted) LOG: 19 MAY 2018, 1233 HOURS.

Friday, April 27, 2018


Good men and women of common sense and sound judgment are standing around in shock and bewildered watching the country go to hell in a hand basket. 

Men and women with common sense and sound judgment are watching deep corruption liberalism hell bent on taking down a lawful elected president by hook or crook.

Meanwhile, the insane shallow minded liberal news media propaganda machine is pigging out in fantasyland, and doesn't have a clue as to what raw survival is all about. I, as a writer of exceptional deep, deep wisdom believes this USA phony p.... economy will very soon start crashing. 

What free press? I see a bias ignorant irresponsible bleeding heart liberal press for the most part. God help us. What determines a healthy and secure nation is a strong nuclear and extended family system above all else, without that you have no culture, moral, or financial enduring future, period.

Why do you think I complain about the USA having a phony economy? That is because I have the deep wisdom to know that the closest guarantee of lasting human survival is a strong nuclear and extended family foundation. 

When government taxing and spending collapses the private USA economy in the near future, we'll all come to a rude awaking. The USA has truly been a blessed nation, but only a fool nation fails to safeguard its nuclear and extended family foundation.

The USA is supposed to be a republic representative form of government. However, insane run-away liberalism has seized control of damn near everything. Leading the pack is an all-powerful anti-survival liberal news media, which makes it almost impossible for common sense and sound judgment to prevail. 

And as to equal justice under the law, even the legislative branch of government must sit and wait their turn to act due to the raw power of liberalism in the USA today. Just the facts ma'am, just the facts as seen by this writer. Just food for thought folks; I have no power to convince anyone of anything. 

But, today with "The Donald" that is not going to happen. Today we have strong talk radio, a TV network with common sense and sound judgment, and social media growing wiser and stronger by the day. 

But, never forget the liberals still by far has overwhelming control of the news media and the education system from top to bottom, which means time and the future is on their side. 

However, unless the 1938 federal socialist minimum wage law is repealed I'll be a monkey's uncle if the USA economy can last another five years without totally collapsing.

The only reason the USA economy has not collapsed already is outside money has kept us propped up, which has allow the USA to escape physical reality and responsibility for the nations ultimate survival. 

Sure, nuclear weapons are keeping the enemy at bay from the outside, but culture rot and moral decay has hollowed out the nation from the inside and the only thing that can save us now is to repeal the 1938 socialist federal minimum wage law. 

Removing the 1938 federal minimum wage law will free and unloose the USA economy's natural purging power, thereby bringing back societal discipline. 

That societal discipline will first rein in rogue out of control run-a-way liberalism and start restoring the nuclear and extended family structure, which are the basics for human survival. And the healing and restoring process will continue on. Otherwise, we as a nation might as well accept our sad fate.

Sure, I may be wrong on this prediction and has been wrong many times before, but even a broken clock is right twice a day. We'll soon see five years is not that long.

I am a writer of almost supernatural wisdom and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the USA cannot be saved without some strong societal discipline. And the only discipline that will allow a free nation to exist with individual freedom intact is a true free market place economy.

But, you can't have a true free market place economy with any amount of wage or price controls in effect. And that means the 1938 socialist minimum wage law must be repealed if the USA is to survive, period. Sure, no one wants that, but only history can prove me wrong on this. 

Thank God for the U.S. constitution, the country just might survive this all out liberal power grab attempt. God save my beloved homeland, the only home I know and love. Hallelujah.

The only arm of the federal government specifically designed by the U.S. constitution to represent the people is being almost totally ignored concerning this witch-hunt thing. The senate was specifically designed to represent the states.

This witch hunt thing I believe has opened Pandora’s box, which is awaking good men and women of common sense and sound judgment to this deep corruption far beyond anyone’s imagination. Yet, only one single order is all it would take for equal justice under the law to prevail in this case, in this writer’s view. 

And in case anyone is waiting with bated breath for that equal justice order to be issued, it will happen when the "Cows come home". Which is it, is it friend, foe, or fear not to act? No one is above the law, and especially those who are entrusted to enforce it.

Unless you are a bleeding heart liberal politician the lack of wisdom super bias all powerful liberal news media is going to attack and come after you non stop, and of course many others of common sense and sound judgment will choose the course of least resistance out of that fear alone.