Friday, September 28, 2018

There is a proven reason why the U.S. justice system is based on due process symbolized by a blindfolded lady. An organized society cannot exist only on feelings and emotions because then logic and reasoning goes out the window.

That is why the sour loser shallow minded liberals always turns to some type of sexual attack to get their way. They know that real true evidence will sometimes take a back seat or even get lost entirely from overpowering emotions, period.

That is also why if liberals don't like the on hand evidence, then they will try to force a never-ending search for new evidence until the cows come home.

Well, I'm just going to inject my own personal emotions and feeling on this judge matter: The real truth is these liberals will even sell their own souls to keep up the mass killing of innocent unborn babies in the womb, period.

At bottom that is really what this is all about, abortions galore on demand. Sad, sad, and sadder for our innocent young unborn babies in the womb. May God have mercy on our souls. Hallelujah.

Truth: I think the real reality truth lies in the records of the good doctor's therapist. Some therapist sometimes uses certain techniques to aid in recalling memory, which may account for critical memory gaps.

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Monday, September 24, 2018

The aggressive muck raking tactics to find dirt in this case by the shallow minded insane liberal news media has been and is still relentless. They have left no stone unturned and have already gone far past anything the FBI could possibly unearth.

One of the biggest misconceptions about drinking alcoholic beverages that far to few people know or understand is: Getting high or even getting drunk doesn’t change ones true personality, all drinking does is amplifies who one truly is in the first place. 

Alcohol acts as a depressant and it depresses ones inhibitions, which means if you are a true nice and considerate person drinking only makes you more of a nice and considerate person. 

On the other hand if you are a secret S.O.B. and start drinking alcoholic beverages more than likely you will become a more aggressive S.O.B., period. 

But, drinking alcohol itself doesn't change who one really is as a person. People who act a certain way when drinking tend to be predictable, not unpredictable. 
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Sunday, September 23, 2018

As a self-made writer I can’t be 100 percent on this, but I believe 99.9 percent that after 36 years we will never get an under oath testimony against the judge. 

That is because at the very last minute we will just hear another excuse not to testify on and on to no end. Once anyone goes down the "Enabler Road" they should be aware that its not a road you will find common sense and sound judgment on, period. 

It is a road dominated and policed by the shallow minded insane liberal news media, yes, it is the same extremely liberal news media, which has poisoned the minds of nearly half the nation with culture rot and moral decay slop.
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Friday, September 21, 2018

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. I fear for the survival of the USA as a free nation. There are only two means of discipline to maintain and keep a peacefully and orderly society.

Number one that has been used almost solely throughout all of history, which is known as the “Iron fist.” Almost all authoritarian types of government use the "Iron fist" and permit very little individual freedom, period.

And number two is the only means of discipline that will allow a great amount of individual freedom, which is a true free market place economy minus any kind of federal minimum wage law.

Sure, any state, city, local, or private enterprise minimum wage law is a good thing, but a federal minimum wage law is a monopoly, which is a bad thing. And I can guarantee you now the USA will be in the “Iron fist” category in just a few more years.

The reason that is definite going to happen is because the USA will never repeal the 1938 federal minimum wage law. A federal minimum wage law block and kills the purging power discipline in a true free market place economy, period.

That is why the USA has so many liberals today being produce because there is not enough strong societal discipline in the USA society anymore.

Purging power using the bust cycle is what purges out all survival threats by keeping them from growing too large and powerful, which is always a threat to the rich.

As to the law: you know what they say about putting locks on things, locks only deter good people with good morals.

And the same can be applied to the law, the law only deters people who respects or fears the law, which means the law without strong sure discipline teeth enforcing it just breeds more liberalism until chaos destroys all individual freedom. 
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Sunday, September 16, 2018

I wonder why in the hell am I a writer because sometimes I just can’t restraint myself, I must vent or burst. 

If the republicans stand firm on good proud character against liberal blackmail it may be an immediate setback in the short run due to peel offs of your cause. 

But, the great majority of U.S. citizens with common sense and sound judgment will greatly increase your numbers in the long run.

If the republicans put off the vote on the judge, I feel they may be becoming just as insane as the irresponsible shallow minded liberal news media. 

There must come a time when men/women of common sense and sound judgment put their foot down and say no to extreme insane liberalism, period. 

Talking about a few members may be deserters to the cause by bowing to this irresponsible insane liberal blackmail, I feel its time somebody said no, no, and hell no. Sometimes someone must put it all on the line for good character sake. 

Does good sound character mean anything anymore in America? So what if a few of your own keep succumbing to this liberal insanity and peel off. Sure, it will be a setback but proud Americans with common sense and sound judgment will love and respect you far more than ever if you stand firm against extreme liberal insanity. 

I know the liberals are super aggressive, loud, and feel incomplete unless they can find a cause to serve, but I assure you there are still far more USA citizens with common sense and sound judgment than there are emotional shallow minded liberals. 

And the proud USA citizens may be shy, but they will stand up if they can find someone with common sense and sound judgment that will first proudly stand up for them.

Personally, I think the liberals threw the good doctor under the bus by outing her against her will, now whose fault is that?

No guts no glory, I'm really not fit to be making this stand, but sometimes duty calls and running away is not an option for me, no one else would say what needed to be said, so its done. I may live to regret it, so be it.
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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Any nation that can take a wallop punch of mass corruption to its very core like the USA has endured and is still free makes this writer feel at ease and reassured of our future. 

However, in 2016 the liberals had all of the pieces in place to block USA individual freedom to decide its leader by force, but only doubt and fear stayed their hand. And that fear is an armed U.S. populace backed and protected by the 2nd amendment to the U.S. constitution. 

I believe without the 2nd amendment Trump would never have become president of the United States. The liberal news media no longer even pretends to have respect for the law or for the truth any more. 

Even a child knows right from wrong; it’s just that they don’t give a damn if it gets in the way of their shallow minded self-serving liberalism.

I feel as long as the 2nd amendment to the U.S. constitution is safe individual freedom is safe. The 2nd amendment is safe as long as conservatives have its protecting power with the presidency, the Supreme Court, and in congress. 

Otherwise, I for one believe the liberals would get rid of the 2nd amendment in a New York minute if they ever get the power, but with the 2nd amendment and an armed populace a complete power grab attempt is just too risky, they know the guns must be taken first.

I know I sound like a broken record, but I must repeat, the 1938 federal minimum wage law must be repealed. And thereafter all minimum wage laws must be set by the states, cities, and private enterprise, period.
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Monday, September 10, 2018

Lately in my writing I have been stressing the importance of culture real hard. As an African American myself I’m going to state a few of my core beliefs.

Core belief #1: I don’t believe any one race is smarter or more intelligence than any other race. But, I definite believe some cultures are superior to other cultures, period.

Sure, in some cases some races may appear to be more intelligent than other races, but as a whole that just boils down to maybe a superior culture.

However, the real fact is every race has ranges, there is a high smart range, there is a low dumb range, and everyone else falls in between the two. 

A stereotype example: Asian culture, they are not smarter, but they do tend to study harder. In their cultures honor and high achievement is top priority and means almost everything to them.

Core belief #2: In my view any African American that believes in “Affirmative Action” is admitting to being inferior.

I have heard the getting the foot in the door theory and all of that; still I just don’t buy it. I believe it has hurt black scholars in the view of other races more than anything else.

From a proud and dignity point of view so many black scholars have studied so hard and made great sacrifices, which in the eyes of other races that effort is tainted in their view.

Sure, other races at the best colleges and universities seldom say it to our faces but a great many feel blacks wouldn’t even be there without standards being lowered.

Learning institutions that carry on this sham just creates a dual tract to protect their standards, and the beat continues on. If African Americans had the same culture pride like before our welfare state came about most would feel the way I do about Affirmative action.

Back before the welfare state blacks took pride knowing they had to be as good or better at things just to survive. Back then blacks grabbed the bull by the horn and created their own commercial institutions.

And blacks were beginning to shed their dependent slave mentality, and then boom the welfare state hit and kicked the black man out of the home.

Core belief #3: I believe ones culture must demand respect by its individual members first and then the community as a whole. How in the hell can any race expect to be respected by others races when it doesn’t even have self-respect for its own race as individuals or as a community.

Now, don’t insult my intelligence by trying to prove what I just said was wrong. Instead of African Americans elites establishing middle and upper class neighborhoods around and near their poorer neighborhoods like other races, no, black elites do just the opposite.

The only commercial interest the black elite has in or near a poor black neighborhood are a few older churches, a few barbershops, funeral homes, and a few beauty parlors. 

Unlike other races elites the African American elites will move as far as they can afford away from a poor black neighborhood.

And I don’t buy that phony excuse that crime is so bad is why the black elites is running as far as they can afford away from poor black neighborhoods.

The movie “A raising in the sun” proves my point, many, many years ago blacks were trying to escape to even a poor white neighborhood feeling that was a step up, when crime was not a factor.

I’m no racist, I love and respect all people, but I believe one must first love and respect his own race first in order to be truly accepted and respected by other races. However, I don’t put the blame for the destruction of the black community on the black race itself.

I put almost total blame on the mental crutches the welfare state has placed on the African American race. You can’t expect independent minded thinking and decisions from a people that is propped up with a mentally dependent mentality crutch.

Don’t get me twisted y’all, this is America everyone knows every American is free to live any place they want too, period. It’s just that African Americans have never truly accepted a black-faced master as being a truly genuine master.

And we will never be truly free as a race until we can accept a black-faced master as being as genuine as a white-faced master, period.

Why do you think there is so much senseless violence in African Americans communities, it is because we haven't shed our dependency sibling rivalry slave mentality?

We don't mentally see other black-faces as genuine masters deserving of respect, but instead see a sibling competing competitor undeserving of any respect, bang.

The solution for African Americans is to just simply grow up, but there is a problem. That mental dependency crutch needs to be kicked from under us, which would automatic solve our problem.

However, we live in a welfare state, which will never tolerate the like of such a race healthy remedy.
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Sunday, September 9, 2018

I, Freddie Lee Sirmans Senior the great self-made writer believe in a free press as much as anyone, but not a lying bias law disrespecting press. 

I believe the liberal news media is all for this president being taken down by hook or crook and could care less if its lawful or not. 

Long ago someone said something to this effect: A free nation can’t survive without citizens of good morals. 

And I will piggyback on that by adding my two additional virtues of “Common sense and sound judgment”. 

I am a self-made writer of little former education but almost supernatural wisdom, and I have come to the conclusion that our liberal news media is a destructive force to the survival of the USA in my view. 

However, it is not that simple because the USA liberal news media is just a micro-cosmos of at least half of the whole nation. 

I believe the USA core problem boils down to a lack of societal discipline, which have left the USA culture in almost total ruins. 

Starting in 1938 with the gravest liberal mistake of all they enacted the dumb arch-evil 1938 socialist federal minimum wage law. 

That act destroyed the purging power societal discipline in the USA economy, so after around four generations we are now reaping the culture destruction consequences of culture rot and moral decay. 

Today the morals, values, and mentality of around half the nation exist in liberal fantasyland with common sense and sound judge almost no where to be found, yet they all believe society owes them food, shelter, and happiness. 

The closest guarantee to human survival is a strong nuclear and extended family system and adequate bartering capacity with small farmers and home gardeners, only that has withstood the test of time well over 6,000 years, yet we get a “F’ for failure. 

Still, these know it all liberals with hardly an ounce of common sense or sound judgment is on TV 24-7 charting our future. Get a grip USA. 

We save our culture we save our nation. In fact, enacting minimum wage laws by the states, cities, and private enterprise is a very good and wise thing, but never by the federal government because that is a monopoly and the kiss of death to a nation’s culture.

Also, that is totally ignoring the 10th amendment to the U.S. constitution.


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Monday, September 3, 2018

Revisiting an old article I wrote back in 2009:

The idea of a perpetual motion engine has been around probably as long as engines been around. Inventors have used compressed air, battery power, and anything you can think of trying to keep an engine running almost forever.

All for naught, the idea is an illusion. But, there are still people around today that think it’s possible. It is the same way with an economy. There are still far too many people around today that think you can forever run an economy without a major purge or rebirth.

The facts are the same, it is all an illusion, and it can’t be done. In economic survival terms stocks, bonds, and everything done on Wall Street is an illusion and side issue. No portfolio means anything if money has no value.

And even if money has value it means nothing if you have no food to eat or if those that have food won’t sell. As I have said many times in terms of raw survival money are way down the list, people survived long before money was invented. In terms of long time survival culture is far more important than money.

No amount of money can save a nation when everyone is at each other’s throat. If the USA culture were strong and healthy far more people would agree with me and realize the only way to save the USA is to junk the federal minimum wage law. 

That would stop breaking the 10th amendment and leave any wage or price adjustment up to the states, cities, and private enterprise, period.

I can only hope I’m wrong, because I believe when we starts starving in mass numbers it will be because no one can start small and grow. It will be because the minimum wage law and sky-high taxes won’t let entrepreneurs feed themselves and the nation.

Rich people are not the same as poor people with money; there is a world of difference in motivation and mentality. Lottery winners have proven that fact. When have any lottery winner ever built a financial empire that employed even 10,000 thousand people.

Socialism and communism fails because there are no entrepreneurs. And there are no entrepreneurs because there is no extra reward given for extra effort. Everybody tries to give the least amount of effort to survive.

No one in America have ever had to live in a system like that, we all need to be counting our blessings. Sure, everyone will be equal in that system, but equal poor. I say, hell no!

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