Sunday, July 29, 2018

I’ll tell you why, responsible people that are doers instead of just talkers and excuse makers soon tires of the lack of responsibility and accountability indoctrination liberal talkers projects.

I see far too much of it in the young, adults, and all over the place, very little staying power today. 

Whatever happened to the sense of challenge, as soon as things get hard and tough far too many today wants to quit and give up? And some even takes the permanent easy way out.

I’m no rocket scientist or brain surgeon, but I’ve always challenged anything reasonable within my capacity and go to great lengths to not let anything whip me. 

I have fought a neurotic mental battle for nearly seventy years from my bed wetting days as a young child, yet I believe one day I will win that neurotic battle, you never lose in life unless you quit or give up.  

Only some form of strong societal discipline makes the people truly appreciate and value a great culture and demand moral turpitude. The more one struggles for and puts into life the more one cares about life and wants to live.

True love and bonding for anything or anybody comes with treating them well, even if you don't mean it in the beginning. The mental and the physical will always try and merge as one. 

So, just the act of having to treat someone well in time causes bonding whether one likes it or not.

You may enjoy controlling one you treat badly, but you can't truly love one you treat badly for long, hate raises its ugly head.

Who can truly respect the law if it doesn't demand equal justice for all, every judge must demand total respect in his court, or mob rule would prevail.


Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Current events note: Concerning the president of the USA, talk is cheap, but that man is in the arena verbally bruised and battered and he has experienced the highs and lows of high achievement.

Which is something all of these armchair genius talkers instead doers will never understand. And he could never have become president in the first place against almost impossible odds without great wisdom and self-control over his emotions.

This writer trusts him over any shallow-minded emotional do-good liberal any day. 

Folk, all of this constant negative yap, yap, yaps, by these shallow minded liberal TV networks are not entirely harmless. Good positive minds are being poisoned.

Any constant barrage of negative, hateful, and destructive yapping will poison any good mind that listens long enough. 

The mental and physical always tries and will merge given time. You can't constantly listen to hateful negative stuff without at some point start believing it.  

I love liberals, this would be a bleak dreary world without liberals always searching for a cause in their own shallow way to do good, make something better, to help someone, and to save Bambi and all of God's creatures. 

The problem is they don't seem to have that internal moral gauge that regulates when to stop or when enough is enough and they will push on and on deeper and deeper into sheer insanity to no end.

That is why all down throughout history only the "Iron Fist" ruled, this thing we call individual freedom on a mass scale is a new frontier beginning with the USA. 

That is why the ignorance of enacting the 1938 minimum wage law must be forgiven and quickly repealed.

That unknowingly destructive 1938 minimum wage law removed the necessary societal discipline barrier that kept liberalism under control, which for the first time in history allowed individual freedom to the people on a mass scale.

But, I have serious doubt that the USA will ever recover from enacting the 1938 federal minimum wage law that disarmed and killed the purging power in our U.S. economy. 

But, miracles do happen, and especially if that God forsaken 1938 law is finally repealed.  
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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Most people have heard the old saying: Opinions are like you know what, everybody has one.

So, to have and maintain an orderly and peaceful society some form of strong discipline versus individual freedom is a must, period.

To have and maintain an orderly and peaceful nation almost all authoritarian societies tends to choose the “Strong iron fist” form of discipline versus little individual freedom to the people.

But, the downside to that system of rule is the risk of starvation due to low production and distribution.

Whereas, on the other hand almost all free nations tends to put very little restriction on individual freedom versus a weak form of “Iron fist” type of discipline, but it is a must to have a true free market place economy with free floating prices and wages at all cost, period.

The reason why there must be free floating prices and wages is because that is what gives the free market place its purging power, which is one the most disciplining forces on earth in line with nature’s survival of the strongest and fittest.

The emotion of greed is one of the most powerful and energizing forces in man’s entire make up.

Only a true free market place economy has the disciplining power to harness greed that awesome power to create great abundance unmatchable like never before, yet maintain a peaceable and orderly society.

But, you take away free floating prices and wages, then you have around eighty years or four generations before the people will start demanding and eventually force “Iron fist” rule on the nation just to gain peace from civil disorder, period.

After the 1938 federal minimum wage law was enacted the U.S. economy was then disarmed with no disciplining purging power to fight off inflation or any means to protect our culture and moral values.

Then, the shallow minded do-good liberals went to work, they created their candy store and started making promises to the moon and back, they grabbed the house of representative and kept it for 40 consecutive years.

With no way to stop them the once strong U.S. economy, which had suffered a abnormal severe correcting bust cycle, was now gutted by a method to stop the complete free floating of wages, known as the U.S. federal minimum wage fair labor law.

Next, we were left with a currency inflated phony weak p…. -U.S. economy, about as effective as tits on a boar hog in terms of protecting us from the liberals.

Fast forward to today: The liberals are to a great extent insane, in control, and running wild, God help us. And still, the nation fails to repeal the 1938 federal minimum wage law.

I have done all I could as a writer to get the 1938 federal minimum wage law repealed. I, as a writer truly believe repealing the 1938 federal minimum wage law must be repealed, but am afraid even that may be too little too late.

With that, I carry on.

I, Freddie L Sirmans Senior believe out of control liberalism is as great a survival threat to the USA and western civilization as the nuclear weapon issue, especially since these welfare state nations no longer has complete free floating prices and wages.

Without complete free floating prices and wages to arm a free market place economy with purging power discipline there is no way of controlling run-away liberalism, which most liberals are naturally weak on common sense and sound judgment in this writer's view.

In a free nation, the law can become emotional and corrupt, but never in a true free market place economy with free-floating prices and wages. 

Governments and powerful people have never liked a true free market place, because you either make in the free market place or you don't, whom you know can't save you. 

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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Only societal discipline can protect and safeguard a nations culture and morals. Only an “Iron fist” or a non-federal minimum wage economy can possibly provide that necessary societal discipline.

A house or nation divided and without proper societal discipline cannot possible stand very long, period.

No matter what problems the USA faced since it's founding the nation always stayed one as a whole. And that stayed the case until the "New Deal" programs came along and was capped off with the fair labor federal minimum wage law.

Sure, there is no doubt that the "New Deal" ended a lot of pain and suffering, but at what cost, which may end up being the nations destruction.

And it is this writer's view that the USA cannot be saved as a free nation until that insane arch-evil 1938 socialist federal minimum wage law is repealed.

Sure, the USA is a nation of law not of man, and the law is the main thing that is keeping the USA free. However, it is too late now the law can no longer save the USA as a free nation. 

I will make it simple, fact one: you can’t keep a free nation very long without a true free market place economy, period. And a true free market place economy can’t exist with a federal minimum wage law in effect. 

That is the states, local government, and private enterprise duty if wages are to be set at all, according to the 10th amendment, period.

Anyone that thinks the USA and Western Europe have true free market place economies is a fool or doesn’t understand free market principals. 

The first rule of a free market place economy is the market place itself sets prices and wages, not the government or anyone else. 

And if prices and wages are not free floating you can call it anything you want to, but it won’t be a true free market place economy. 

Once the USA federal government prevented free floating prices and wages in the U.S. economy that was a kiss of death to our culture, moral values, and lasting U.S. freedom. 

It’s been right at eighty years since the USA have had an economy with free-floating prices and wages to protect the nations culture and morals. 

Since that time the USA has lived with an economy with no purging power to really kick ass and take names, which means there is nothing to enforcing societal discipline, nothing to enforcing self-responsibility, and nothing to enforcing self-accountability. 

I guarantee you with an economy with free floating prices and wages which would have gave the U.S. economy full purging power none of the above duties would have been neglected, period. 

That grave lack of wisdom allowed the liberals to grow government into an all powerful welfare state that has all but destroyed our USA nuclear and extended family system. 

And also our once strong culture and adequate emergency fallback bartering capacity with many small farmers and home gardeners to buy time in case the economy ever failed. 

In this writer’s one-man opinion we are now little more than a phony has been in terms of sheer raw staying power. 

And if we continue to let the insane arch-evil 1938 socialist federal minimum wage law lack of wisdom mistake stand, someone might as well stick a fork in us now, because we will soon be done, cooked. 

Folks, as a crude self-made writer, sometimes I use shock effect to make a point and try to wake someone up. In no way have I lost faith in my homeland, the only home I know and love. 

With all of our flaws, we are still the greatest and most powerful nation on earth, and as a veteran I will still gladly give my life for her (The motherland).

Just maybe, that is why I write.
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Sunday, July 8, 2018


All of this hyped outrageous ado about Roe vs. Wade is actually a violation of the 10th amendment in the first place. The federal minimum wage law and Roe vs Wade are both blatant violations of the 10th amendment.

If the 10th amendment had got any respect the USA culture and moral values wouldn’t be going to hell in a hand basket today due to the 1938 federal minimum wage law, which turned a strong U.S. economic natural bust cycle into an excuse to enact the first free market place minimum wage law in history. 

That grave free market place economic mistake turned a strong U.S. economy into the inflated phony weak p…. economy we have today with no societal discipline, which the USA will never recover from unless the 1938 socialist federal minimum wage law is repealed, finally like the liquor law. 

 Folks, I have failed and must take blame for my failures as a writer. For twenty years or more I have been drum beating against a federal minimum wage law, and am still against the 1938 U.S. federal minimum wage law. 

However, where I have failed the most is my failure not to truly explain why I feel a federal minimum wage law is so much of a threat. The first mistake I made is not confessing that I actually love a minimum wage law, but not a federal minimum wage law. 

The difference is a federal minimum wage law is a single unit of one, which is a monopoly. And in a free nation with a free market place economy a federal minimum wage monopoly is basically the same as a socialist or authoritarian system. 

Where as, a minimum wage law granted by the states, local governments, and private enterprise there is no single entity monopoly to choke off the whole nation's free floating wages and prices. Then in that case a minimum wage law is a good and wise thing. 

That is why I believe the federal minimum wage law has almost totally destroyed our whole nation's culture and moral values, whereas just the opposite would have happened if the 10th amendment had not been blatantly violated, and we may never recover. 

Only state government, local government, and private enterprise can safely grant minimum wage laws, period.  
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Saturday, July 7, 2018

The 10th amendment was designed to be a safety valve to prevent an all-powerful run-away federal bureaucracy from growing too powerful and taking over.
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Friday, July 6, 2018

The states created the federal government, now they have no direct representation in congress, and the 10th amendment is almost totally ignored for the most part.
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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

The insane arch-evil 1938 socialist federal minimum wage law is definitely in violation of the 10th amendment to the U.S. constitution, which means the power to set wages and prices should be reserved to the states, cities, and private businesses, period.
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Sunday, July 1, 2018

I’m no economist or even an educated person, but I do have a lot of raw wisdom and common sense. 

And without a doubt, I know that unless the court system rule the federal government out of the private sector wage and price business and leave that to the states, the cities, and private business itself, the USA economy can’t help but totally collapse soon, one way or another. 

The federal government managing private businesses is what’s killing the private USA economy now; the government should have stayed with just collecting taxes. The cost of living is totally out of reach for the very poor now, and the middle class is barely making it from payday to payday. 

Folks, remember I am a writer that just lets her rip sometimes, which is just my one-person opinion and no one else. I’m one that truly believes that a strong nuclear and extended family system is the only dependable sure guarantee for human survival, and to never place God like faith in any government as sole provider, period. 

There has never been a government that didn’t fail or collapse at some point. Sure, the economy is booming in the USA at the moment, but the real character of an individual or nation is how it will fare if enough things collapse or go wrong. 

No free nation can survive very long with a corrupt dependency upside down culture and extremely weak nuclear and extended family foundation, period.

And this writer’s belief is no mass government dependency nation can possibly have enough self-initiative or mental toughness to cut it, which will mean total doom without a God sent miracle.

Far too many able bodied in their prime are dealing with substance abuse, dealing with the criminal justice system, and even choosing the easy self-centered way out through suicide, which deeply saddens me.

If the USA had an economy without a crippling federal minimum wade law the economy would have the societal discipline to whip this nation back in ship shape to cut it. After all a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

Sure, a minimum wage law would be a good thing if done by the states, local government, and private business itself, but never by the federal government if our culture and moral values are to survive, period.

And it is all due to an economy without any real societal disciplining power left because of the USA 1938 socialist federal minimum wage law, what a shame. The 10th amendment must prevail over prices and wages if the U.S. economy is to survive.
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