Sunday, July 8, 2018


All of this hyped outrageous ado about Roe vs. Wade is actually a violation of the 10th amendment in the first place. The federal minimum wage law and Roe vs Wade are both blatant violations of the 10th amendment.

If the 10th amendment had got any respect the USA culture and moral values wouldn’t be going to hell in a hand basket today due to the 1938 federal minimum wage law, which turned a strong U.S. economic natural bust cycle into an excuse to enact the first free market place minimum wage law in history. 

That grave free market place economic mistake turned a strong U.S. economy into the inflated phony weak p…. economy we have today with no societal discipline, which the USA will never recover from unless the 1938 socialist federal minimum wage law is repealed, finally like the liquor law. 

 Folks, I have failed and must take blame for my failures as a writer. For twenty years or more I have been drum beating against a federal minimum wage law, and am still against the 1938 U.S. federal minimum wage law. 

However, where I have failed the most is my failure not to truly explain why I feel a federal minimum wage law is so much of a threat. The first mistake I made is not confessing that I actually love a minimum wage law, but not a federal minimum wage law. 

The difference is a federal minimum wage law is a single unit of one, which is a monopoly. And in a free nation with a free market place economy a federal minimum wage monopoly is basically the same as a socialist or authoritarian system. 

Where as, a minimum wage law granted by the states, local governments, and private enterprise there is no single entity monopoly to choke off the whole nation's free floating wages and prices. Then in that case a minimum wage law is a good and wise thing. 

That is why I believe the federal minimum wage law has almost totally destroyed our whole nation's culture and moral values, whereas just the opposite would have happened if the 10th amendment had not been blatantly violated, and we may never recover. 

Only state government, local government, and private enterprise can safely grant minimum wage laws, period.  
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