Sunday, August 12, 2018

Culture in terms of the health and long-term survival of a nation is everything, period. 

And that is the core problem with the USA; the 1938 federal wage law is what set in motion the decline and final destruction of the once strong and all-powerful USA culture. 

Before 1938 about the only place you could find a true bleeding heart liberal was from a rich family or from an Ivy League collage. 

Now they are being bred off the welfare state production line, bred out of the ghetto, bred out of the slums, bred out of the wood works, and everywhere. 

Never in history have the very poor ever been liberal and moral corrupt on a grand scale like today in the USA. 

The poor is killing the unborn in the womb more than any other demographic group. Lack of societal discipline always breeds liberalism, which always leads to total chaos. Are we there yet, not quite?

Yet, who gives a damn, culture in the USA has been reduced to just another seven-letter word, how sad.

The 1938 federal wage law is what allowed the production of all of these liberals running around with hardly an ounce of common sense or sound judgment. 

I love-um them liberals but they can’t be trusted with the survival of this great nation in this writers view. 

Ninety percent of the USA population doesn’t give a damn about culture. How could they, when most don’t know what the hell a strong culture really is anymore? Today any and everything goes, if it feel good do it, who gives a damn anyway. 

I’ll just cut this short and end by saying: Nothing can rescue what is left and restore USA culture until the 1938 federal wage law is repealed. 

I wonder when is anyone going to hear me on this last lifeline to save the USA as a free nation.
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