Thursday, July 12, 2018

Only societal discipline can protect and safeguard a nations culture and morals. Only an “Iron fist” or a non-federal minimum wage economy can possibly provide that necessary societal discipline.

A house or nation divided and without proper societal discipline cannot possible stand very long, period.

No matter what problems the USA faced since it's founding the nation always stayed one as a whole. And that stayed the case until the "New Deal" programs came along and was capped off with the fair labor federal minimum wage law.

Sure, there is no doubt that the "New Deal" ended a lot of pain and suffering, but at what cost, which may end up being the nations destruction.

And it is this writer's view that the USA cannot be saved as a free nation until that insane arch-evil 1938 socialist federal minimum wage law is repealed.

Sure, the USA is a nation of law not of man, and the law is the main thing that is keeping the USA free. However, it is too late now the law can no longer save the USA as a free nation. 

I will make it simple, fact one: you can’t keep a free nation very long without a true free market place economy, period. And a true free market place economy can’t exist with a federal minimum wage law in effect. 

That is the states, local government, and private enterprise duty if wages are to be set at all, according to the 10th amendment, period.

Anyone that thinks the USA and Western Europe have true free market place economies is a fool or doesn’t understand free market principals. 

The first rule of a free market place economy is the market place itself sets prices and wages, not the government or anyone else. 

And if prices and wages are not free floating you can call it anything you want to, but it won’t be a true free market place economy. 

Once the USA federal government prevented free floating prices and wages in the U.S. economy that was a kiss of death to our culture, moral values, and lasting U.S. freedom. 

It’s been right at eighty years since the USA have had an economy with free-floating prices and wages to protect the nations culture and morals. 

Since that time the USA has lived with an economy with no purging power to really kick ass and take names, which means there is nothing to enforcing societal discipline, nothing to enforcing self-responsibility, and nothing to enforcing self-accountability. 

I guarantee you with an economy with free floating prices and wages which would have gave the U.S. economy full purging power none of the above duties would have been neglected, period. 

That grave lack of wisdom allowed the liberals to grow government into an all powerful welfare state that has all but destroyed our USA nuclear and extended family system. 

And also our once strong culture and adequate emergency fallback bartering capacity with many small farmers and home gardeners to buy time in case the economy ever failed. 

In this writer’s one-man opinion we are now little more than a phony has been in terms of sheer raw staying power. 

And if we continue to let the insane arch-evil 1938 socialist federal minimum wage law lack of wisdom mistake stand, someone might as well stick a fork in us now, because we will soon be done, cooked. 

Folks, as a crude self-made writer, sometimes I use shock effect to make a point and try to wake someone up. In no way have I lost faith in my homeland, the only home I know and love. 

With all of our flaws, we are still the greatest and most powerful nation on earth, and as a veteran I will still gladly give my life for her (The motherland).

Just maybe, that is why I write.
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