Tuesday, October 18, 2022

A MUST READ F L SIRMANS ECONOMIC LAW ON MASS INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM FOR THE SURVIVAL OF THE USA: http://freddiesirmans2015.blogspot.com/2014/05/i-suggest-va-medical-services-be.html

24 OCTOBER 2022, 2325 HOURS.

As Jim-Niacin arrived at the
Podium he stood tall and proud.
The audience went wild with
Applause, then chanted, "We love you
Jim, we love you Jim, we love you
"Thank you, thank you, thank
You," said Jim-Niacin.

First I feel I must praise another unsung hero in our human health battle of severe dry skin that I couldn’t drive the final nail in that attackers coffin.

That unsung hero is David-Dandelion Root who finally got rid of that dry skin scoundrel that made Captain Orry Fredrico’s life a living hell.

David-Dandelion Root believes the Cure-all Metropolis should consider him as an assistant to one of their most effective blood pressure drugs that releases fluids from the body

David-Dandelion Root and that drug both removes excess water from the body, but with a big difference, David-Dandelion Root removes only water whereas their drug removes a lot more than just water.

David-Dandelion Root knows their drug is vastly more effective so he feels both as a team together would lower the amount of their drug needed to get the job done, then side affects like dry skin, low testosterones, diabetes, and other medical conditions would be vastly lessen.

For something like this to work would definitely require much adjustment maybe taking the drugs on an every other day basis, or what ever lowers theirs to the most effective minimum dose.

After several adjustments Captain Orry Fredrico settled on the rotation doses of: one day of their drug followed by the next two days on David Dandelion Root then one day back on their drug with the process continuing on and on ending the Captain’s nearly 30 years of dry skin living hell on earth.

As I close "may God
Bless this great town and keep it Healthy always."

Chapter 1

Once upon a time there was a
little town called Health-land kingdom,
located right off the big super MD
highway leading to the great cure-all
metropolis. In this town lived
vitamins, minerals, herbs, humans,
and other nutrients.

The town's main goal was to
keep all of its citizens healthy
because anyone that they failed to
keep healthy would have to face
terrible traffic jams on the super MD
highway leading to the great cure-all

Jim-Niacin ( vitamin B-3 ).
Niacin doesn't stand alone; he is a
member of the very powerful B
vitamin family. In Health-land Jim-
Niacin's job is essential to promote
life and good health. He regulates
the metabolism and assists in other
body processes, even though he is
needed in small amounts compared
to proteins and carbohydrates.

As a coenzyme Jim-Niacin works
to make sure the human body
functions as it should. There are two
major types of vitamins: the water
soluble and the oil soluble. Jim-Niacin belongs to the water-soluble type vitamins, therefore his doses must be replaced everyday because
the human body doesn't store his
doses like the oil soluble type.

Since Jim-Niacin is only one
member of the very powerful B
vitamin family he shouldn't work
alone; he should be balanced with
other B vitamin members. Jim-Niacin
is not a bad or evil fellow, but he does
have a bad reputation.

Humans are afraid of Jim-Niacin
and rightly so because in too high
doses he may damage the liver, or in
too low doses he does no good. But,
that is not the only reason human
fear Jim-Niacin. Jim-Niacin deals with
circulation and the skin, and he will
heat the skin up like it is on fire and
turn it as red as a beet.

When this happens to a human
for the first time, it will scare some
humans half to death, but don't be put
off, the flushing of the skin is normal
when dealing with Jim-Niacin. It's not
pretty or pleasant but that is how Jim-
Niacin unclogs the capillaries and
small blood vessels throughout the

Captain Fredrico (human). Orry

Fredrico is one of many humans that
Was born and raised in Health-land
Kingdom. Orry Fredrico is a
Carpenter by trade, but as long as he
Could remember he loved the sea.
As a small child he would stand by
The ocean for hours just staring out to

As a teenager he would try to
Hop aboard any boat going salt water
Fishing. During his senior year in high
School he went on one of those deep
Sea fishing cruises that goes out for
Four or five hours at a time. On this
Cruises he met Jan Flemmings. Jan
Also loved the sea and they instantly
Became attracted to each other. Within days Jim started dating Jan.