Monday, September 3, 2018

Revisiting an old article I wrote back in 2009:

The idea of a perpetual motion engine has been around probably as long as engines been around. Inventors have used compressed air, battery power, and anything you can think of trying to keep an engine running almost forever.

All for naught, the idea is an illusion. But, there are still people around today that think it’s possible. It is the same way with an economy. There are still far too many people around today that think you can forever run an economy without a major purge or rebirth.

The facts are the same, it is all an illusion, and it can’t be done. In economic survival terms stocks, bonds, and everything done on Wall Street is an illusion and side issue. No portfolio means anything if money has no value.

And even if money has value it means nothing if you have no food to eat or if those that have food won’t sell. As I have said many times in terms of raw survival money are way down the list, people survived long before money was invented. In terms of long time survival culture is far more important than money.

No amount of money can save a nation when everyone is at each other’s throat. If the USA culture were strong and healthy far more people would agree with me and realize the only way to save the USA is to junk the federal minimum wage law. 

That would stop breaking the 10th amendment and leave any wage or price adjustment up to the states, cities, and private enterprise, period.

I can only hope I’m wrong, because I believe when we starts starving in mass numbers it will be because no one can start small and grow. It will be because the minimum wage law and sky-high taxes won’t let entrepreneurs feed themselves and the nation.

Rich people are not the same as poor people with money; there is a world of difference in motivation and mentality. Lottery winners have proven that fact. When have any lottery winner ever built a financial empire that employed even 10,000 thousand people.

Socialism and communism fails because there are no entrepreneurs. And there are no entrepreneurs because there is no extra reward given for extra effort. Everybody tries to give the least amount of effort to survive.

No one in America have ever had to live in a system like that, we all need to be counting our blessings. Sure, everyone will be equal in that system, but equal poor. I say, hell no!
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