Monday, September 10, 2018

Lately in my writing I have been stressing the importance of culture real hard. As an African American myself I’m going to state a few of my core beliefs.

Core belief #1: I don’t believe any one race is smarter or more intelligence than any other race. But, I definite believe some cultures are superior to other cultures, period.

Sure, in some cases some races may appear to be more intelligent than other races, but as a whole that just boils down to maybe a superior culture.

However, the real fact is every race has ranges, there is a high smart range, there is a low dumb range, and everyone else falls in between the two. 

A stereotype example: Asian culture, they are not smarter, but they do tend to study harder. In their cultures honor and high achievement is top priority and means almost everything to them.

Core belief #2: In my view any African American that believes in “Affirmative Action” is admitting to being inferior.

I have heard the getting the foot in the door theory and all of that; still I just don’t buy it. I believe it has hurt black scholars in the view of other races more than anything else.

From a proud and dignity point of view so many black scholars have studied so hard and made great sacrifices, which in the eyes of other races that effort is tainted in their view.

Sure, other races at the best colleges and universities seldom say it to our faces but a great many feel blacks wouldn’t even be there without standards being lowered.

Learning institutions that carry on this sham just creates a dual tract to protect their standards, and the beat continues on. If African Americans had the same culture pride like before our welfare state came about most would feel the way I do about Affirmative action.

Back before the welfare state blacks took pride knowing they had to be as good or better at things just to survive. Back then blacks grabbed the bull by the horn and created their own commercial institutions.

And blacks were beginning to shed their dependent slave mentality, and then boom the welfare state hit and kicked the black man out of the home.

Core belief #3: I believe ones culture must demand respect by its individual members first and then the community as a whole. How in the hell can any race expect to be respected by others races when it doesn’t even have self-respect for its own race as individuals or as a community.

Now, don’t insult my intelligence by trying to prove what I just said was wrong. Instead of African Americans elites establishing middle and upper class neighborhoods around and near their poorer neighborhoods like other races, no, black elites do just the opposite.

The only commercial interest the black elite has in or near a poor black neighborhood are a few older churches, a few barbershops, funeral homes, and a few beauty parlors. 

Unlike other races elites the African American elites will move as far as they can afford away from a poor black neighborhood.

And I don’t buy that phony excuse that crime is so bad is why the black elites is running as far as they can afford away from poor black neighborhoods.

The movie “A raising in the sun” proves my point, many, many years ago blacks were trying to escape to even a poor white neighborhood feeling that was a step up, when crime was not a factor.

I’m no racist, I love and respect all people, but I believe one must first love and respect his own race first in order to be truly accepted and respected by other races. However, I don’t put the blame for the destruction of the black community on the black race itself.

I put almost total blame on the mental crutches the welfare state has placed on the African American race. You can’t expect independent minded thinking and decisions from a people that is propped up with a mentally dependent mentality crutch.

Don’t get me twisted y’all, this is America everyone knows every American is free to live any place they want too, period. It’s just that African Americans have never truly accepted a black-faced master as being a truly genuine master.

And we will never be truly free as a race until we can accept a black-faced master as being as genuine as a white-faced master, period.

Why do you think there is so much senseless violence in African Americans communities, it is because we haven't shed our dependency sibling rivalry slave mentality?

We don't mentally see other black-faces as genuine masters deserving of respect, but instead see a sibling competing competitor undeserving of any respect, bang.

The solution for African Americans is to just simply grow up, but there is a problem. That mental dependency crutch needs to be kicked from under us, which would automatic solve our problem.

However, we live in a welfare state, which will never tolerate the like of such a race healthy remedy. 


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