Friday, September 28, 2018

There is a proven reason why the U.S. justice system is based on due process symbolized by a blindfolded lady. An organized society cannot exist only on feelings and emotions because then logic and reasoning goes out the window.

That is why the sour loser shallow minded liberals always turns to some type of sexual attack to get their way. They know that real true evidence will sometimes take a back seat or even get lost entirely from overpowering emotions, period.

That is also why if liberals don't like the on hand evidence, then they will try to force a never-ending search for new evidence until the cows come home.

Well, I'm just going to inject my own personal emotions and feeling on this judge matter: The real truth is these liberals will even sell their own souls to keep up the mass killing of innocent unborn babies in the womb, period.

At bottom that is really what this is all about, abortions galore on demand. Sad, sad, and sadder for our innocent young unborn babies in the womb. May God have mercy on our souls. Hallelujah.

Truth: I think the real reality truth lies in the records of the good doctor's therapist. Some therapist sometimes uses certain techniques to aid in recalling memory, which may account for critical memory gaps.

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