Sunday, September 9, 2018

I, Freddie Lee Sirmans Senior the great self-made writer believe in a free press as much as anyone, but not a lying bias law disrespecting press. 

I believe the liberal news media is all for this president being taken down by hook or crook and could care less if its lawful or not. Long ago someone said something to this effect: A free nation can’t survive without citizens of good morals. 

And I will piggyback on that by adding my two additional virtues of “Common sense and sound judgment”. I am a self-made writer of little former education but almost supernatural wisdom, and I have come to the conclusion that our liberal news media is a destructive force to the survival of the USA in my view. 

However, it is not that simple because the USA liberal news media is just a micro-cosmos of at least half of the whole nation. I believe the USA core problem boils down to a lack of societal discipline, which have left the USA culture in almost total ruins. 

Starting in 1938 with the gravest liberal mistake of all they enacted the dumb arch-evil 1938 socialist federal minimum wage law. That act destroyed the purging power societal discipline in the USA economy, so after around four generations we are now reaping the culture destruction consequences of culture rot and moral decay. 

Today the morals, values, and mentality of around half the nation exist in liberal fantasyland with common sense and sound judge almost no where to be found, yet they all believe society owes them food, shelter, and happiness. 

The closest guarantee to human survival is a strong nuclear and extended family system and adequate bartering capacity with small farmers and home gardeners, only that has withstood the test of time well over 6,000 years, yet we get a “F’ for failure. 

Still, these know it all liberals with hardly an ounce of common sense or sound judgment is on TV 24-7 charting our future. Get a grip USA. 

We save our culture we save our nation. In fact, enacting minimum wage laws by the states, cities, and private enterprise is a very good and wise thing, but never by the federal government because that is a monopoly and the kiss of death to a nation’s culture.

And is totally ignoring the 10th amendment to the U.S. constitution.
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