Tuesday, August 28, 2018

I’m just a simple uneducated self-made writer, but blessed with almost supernatural wisdom.

However, with this all out epic battle of respect for constitutional law versus this liberal emotionalism disrespect for the law, to me the whole thing is a fool’s game that solves nothing.

No matter who wins it solves nothing because the core problem with the USA is culture, culture, and more culture, period.

The federal government is blocking natural forces that protects and safeguards a society’s culture, which means government can never solve the problem because government is the problem.

The problem will solve itself and go away if government will just get the hell out of the way, an example of government blocking progress is Venezuela.

The 1938 federal government minimum wage law is what set in motion the destruction of the USA culture, and nothing can stop the USA final destruction doom until that law is repealed.

Repealing that 1938 law is the only thing that can save and restore USA culture. I don’t care how much the learned economist and eggheads fine tune the economy it is still a fools game and will collapse in the end anyway.

The reasonable and sensible thing the USA should be doing is rebuilding a strong nuclear and extending family system and acquiring adequate bartering capacity with small farmers and home gardener to survive and get through an economic collapse.

But, it is a circle back to square one the same culture destruction cause; you can’t restore a strong nuclear and extended family system or hardly anything else with a federal minimum wage law in place. I don’t know when but I can assure you an economic collapse is coming sooner or later.

This kind of advice and wisdom a liberal will never understand, that is why I could never trust the survival Of this great nation (USA) in the hands of a shallow minded liberal.

In my view Trump is a Godsend and the last obstacle standing in the way of liberals completely taking over the USA. 

Afterward, followed by mass civil disruption all over the place that would brings on authoritarian rule just to maintain peace and order.

Thereby giving liberals a reason and means to take our guns, our individual freedom, and tax-free means to worship. 

I pray that I'm wrong on this, but these modern day liberals are living in a fairy tale fantasy world way beyond any true reality. 

And these shallow minded liberal TV networks are leading the pack poisoning good minds 24-7 with this polluted culture rot and moral decay slop. 
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