Saturday, October 6, 2018

Constitutional wise the U.S. senate was designed primarily to represent state governors and state legislatures in our republic form of government. But, the 17th amendment changed all of that. 

Constitutional wise the U.S. House of representative is the only body of congress originally designed to directly represent the people. 

I believe the USA has now come face to face with a fundamental fact one of the founding fathers stated “We have a republic form of government if we can keep it”. 

There is a proven reason why there has never been a society that ever survived without a strong nuclear and extended family system, period. 

And the number one reason for that is no other system known to man provides the environment and means to instill in the very young proper norms and traditions, which safeguards a nations culture, otherwise it’s the out of control liberalism like we see in the USA today. 

The destruction of USA culture begin with the 1938 federal minimum wage law and the USA culture cannot be saved until that law is repealed, period. 

A federal minimum wage law is a nationwide monopoly, which shuts down the purging power discipline in the entire U.S. economy. 

And with no purging power discipline, that means there is no way for the U.S. economy to enforce societal discipline or complete a boom and bust cycles necessary to keep a lasting free market place economy. 

Sure, a federal minimum wage law is a bad thing, but a minimum wage law itself is a good thing when its not a monopoly and is issued by state government, city government, local government, or private enterprise itself.
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