Sunday, June 3, 2018

This writer believes the un-elected extreme liberal bureaucracy has criminalized the Trump presidency by setting in motion a questionable search and destroy force.

I understand about anyone getting bogged down and getting lost in the legal due process maze. But, I feel there is no excuse for the constitutional elected oversight committees not to be able to see what set in motion this highly partisan extreme liberal witch hunt attempt to take down a legal elected U.S. president.

In terms of sheer raw power the un-elected extreme liberal bureaucracy has actually taken over the U.S. federal criminal justice system in this writer's view. And the real kicker is they won't allow proper congressional oversight, either.

The extreme liberals have long ruled the U.S. free press and news media. Also, the extreme liberals rule practically all of the U.S. education system from top to bottom. And now they have seized control of the U.S. federal equal justice under the law system in this writer's view.

Agree or not, like it or not, the American voting public put president Trump in office. Dealing with common sense and sound judgment to most liberals is like what happens when someone flashes the Christian cross in the face of a vampire.

The shallow minded do-good liberals have come to believe that they alone own the country. And it should be their way or the highway. I say to a liberal get a grip and take responsibility and stop blaming everything and everybody except the man/woman in the mirror.
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