Thursday, June 14, 2018

Folks, I am just a lowly self-made writer and I have decided to give my assessment of the culture and moral health of the USA, I’m sorry folks, but I must assign an “F”.  

I must say that President Trump has been a Godsend to help save the USA from insane extreme liberalism, but it’s too little too late. Trump’s action is like putting a finger in a dike with a thousand leaks. 

There is only one thing that can prevent the liberals and liberalism from dooming the USA all the way back to the Stone Age. That one thing I am referring to is: Repealing the arch-evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law, period. 

Doing that will give the USA free market place economy back its natural all-powerful purging power discipline, which should never have been taken away in the first place. 

However, I don’t believe it is possible for the USA to ever get rid of the minimum wage law; which means the USA will soon be history. 

I hate to admit it, but I for one believe liberals and liberalism has corrupted the USA justice department and FBI from top to top, and the insane extreme highly partisan bias liberal news media is far too powerful and will never let accountability take place to fully clean house. 

When the super aggressive liberals and liberalism controls the news media, the education system from kinder garden through college, and damn near everything else in the USA, but they almost never places our beloved country above egotistical die-hard self-interest and blind bias liberal partisanship. 

It’s over folks, there is no barrier left between the liberals and total USA destruction, except giving back the USA free market place economy it full societal disciplining power, which I don't believe the USA has the wisdom or the will to ever do. 

The reason I say it is over is because the USA has a welfare state breeder system that is turning out almost all liberals as our future citizens. Plus, we have a naive shallow minded extremely bias partisan all-powerful liberal news media. 

And it is a news media that is making and keeping hordes of U.S. citizens dumb and ignorant by broadcasting vocal polluted culture rot, and moral decay slop 24-7 none stop to no end.  

So, without an economy with full natural purging power discipline the insane extreme liberals cannot even be slowed down let alone be reined in for the sake of the country. 

The USA as a nation of vast individual freedom is now like the walking dead in terms of keeping that freedom, in this writer's view.
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