Monday, June 25, 2018

The USA was the first nation to provide vast mass individual freedom to the general public on a grand scale. But, there is one element of simple wisdom the USA is hell bent on learning the hard way. 

That wisdom is: There is no lasting enjoyment of anything in life without strong discipline playing a major role, and that includes freedom. The only thing that made the USA the most freest, productive, and greatest nation to ever exist was a true free market place economy. 

Also, that economy had the ability to renew or rebirth itself with boom and bust cycles similar to the life and death cycle. Sure, on the surface these boom and bust cycles seems evil and bad but in the grand scheme of things they won’t let the negative anti-survival destructive forces get too powerful. 

So, what went wrong? The short answer is the enacting of the 1938 socialist minimum wage law killed the purging power that enforces the discipline in a free market place economy, thereby leaving the USA economy for the first time powerless to maintain strong societal discipline and fight off inflation. 

Now, the human factor raises its ugly head: Some people just naturally seeks to fill a void need or a need to find a cause to feel whole. Most have heard the saying: Never stand between a liberal and a cause if you don’t want to get ran over. 

So, without the USA economy providing strong discipline anymore, the whole USA society will have hell to pay, and we definitely see it today four generations later with the insane extreme liberal news media propaganda machine churning out slimy culture rot and moral decay slop 24-7. 

The USA has no “Iron fist” rule, so with the 1938 federal minimum wage law blocking our economy from purging out bad and evil public behavior the USA, as we know it will soon be toast. 

There is nothing wrong with the states, cities, and businesses setting their own minimum wage laws, because then it is competitive and no harm done, but with the federal government it’s a national monopoly that in time leads to total U.S. destruction.
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