Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The first thing is: This self-made writer is not educated or a scholar in anyway. But, as a serious writer of almost super natural wisdom and creative thinking he felt the need to express a brief view on individual freedom. 

In my view vast individual freedom for the masses begin with the USA and its great constitution, which was something almost unheard of throughout history. 

I hate to say this, but I truly believe that the USA today as a nation can no longer handle individual freedom for a very simple reason called lack of societal discipline. 

Never in all of history has a government ever been a mass social and family welfare state provider until within the last 80 years or so, this can't possibly end well because it destroys people's sense of individual accountability on a mass scale.

All throughout history only one method has been used to maintain societal discipline and that was the “Iron fist”, period. 

It may not be pretty, but the “Iron fist” is a very effective means of maintaining a peaceful and orderly society and almost all authoritarian governments use it, but the downside is very low production and mass starvation. 

However, the one thing so many learned economists even to this today fails to understand is with a true free market place economy all prices and wages must be free floating to protect the economy itself and maintain societal discipline. 

That will give the country mass production with strong societal discipline without completely closing off greed, which is the most motivating force in all of human nature. 

A true free market place economy doesn’t shut off greed like the “Iron fist does; it harnesses it, and that is something most liberals will never understand. And any minimum wage or price law kills the free floating ability of a true free market place economy thereby ending its societal discipline power, period. 

Sure, a free nation can enact minimum wage laws, which ignites inflation and get away with it for around eighty years or four generations, but then the S… starts hitting the fan. 

With no free floating wages the economy can’t purge and rebirth, which allows all of the negative anti-survival forces to become too powerful, forces like the insane extremely bias liberal news media propaganda machine, mass culture rot and moral decay, and many others threats. 

Almost 90 percent of USA citizens today see the U.S. government as some kind of imaginary omnipotent cash sow with countless amounts of financial tits to be sucked on forever, while in true reality the USA economy will soon collapse from having too many mouths to feed and take care of. 

Folks, I am just one writer with my one-man opinion that is dishing out only food for though, I don’t have to be right, and pray that I’m not. I believe it is inevitable that the USA will soon face a very rude awakening. 

The main reason the USA founding fathers made this country a republic form of government was because they knew the general public tends to be uninformed, have a herd mentality, are very emotional, and have short tempers, which in reality ends up as mob rule. 

In my one man’s view the USA now has an insane out of touch extremely bias liberal news media that has brain washed nearly half the nation and flipped the nations morals and culture norms upside down, which means only the societal discipline of the “Iron fist” or the purging power discipline of a true free market place economy minus a minimum wage law can save the USA now. 

The nations laws are approaching a useless state because like almost everything else the law has become far too polarized now to save us from our selves. Like I said before, only the “Iron fist” or a true free market place minus a minimum wage law can give the USA a fighting chance of righting this ship, Otherwise, this ship is going to go down in this writer’s view. 

God, I ask in your name, save my beloved homeland the only home I have ever known. Amen.
FRED THE TENDER HEARTED WRITER’S LOG: 21 JUNE 2018, 0031 HOURS.     continue to older posts 🔻


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