Tuesday, August 21, 2018

It amazes me that all of these anti-Trump liberal TV networks treat the president as just another stumbling block in their way to full socialism. 

What they fail to admit is the president is the highest single constitutional official in our entire nation, and of the three branches of government he is the head of the entire executive branch. And he is the commander over all of the military.

Sure, no one is above the law, but that is the point even the president deserve equal justice under the law, which I believe has been almost totally denied him in starting and continuing this witch hunt to take down a legally elected president. 

Personally, what I think was really at stake in the 2016 presidential election was the survival of individual freedom in the USA. We came within inches of losing individual freedom in the USA forever.

And we are now seeing proof of the raw liberal power that was in place to pounce. That raw liberal power is now flexing its muscles showing its disappointment and displeasure by attempting to take down a legal elected president of the USA.

Sure, through Trump individual freedom escaped this time, but unless the 1938 fair labor wage law is repealed it is impossible to stave off the liberals much longer, the future is on their side and they will soon get their victory. 

It saddens me, but the USA no longer has the wisdom or the will to do what must be done to stop our shallow minded liberal friends from causing USA total destruction.
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