Tuesday, September 5, 2017

As a self-made writer with an exceptional strong survival instinct I decided to express my personal view concerning what’s going down on the world stage. That said, I’m going to use a sports term often used especially in American football, “We need to get back to the basics”. 

We have gotten so far away from the basics that very few know what true basics are anymore. What is taught and instilled in the very young means everything in terms of maintaining a civil society. The first basic, which is the foundation for long tern human survival is maintaining a strong nuclear and extended family system, period. 

The government seized the family provide role but it never taught or instilled proper norms and traditions in the very young. So, the big question now is how do we get back to the basics? The only way the USA is ever going to get back to basics and survive is to repeal the insane arch-evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law, period. 

I know the odds are 99 to 1 against that ever happening, but I can see that as the way out even if no one else can. In my view the USA economy is teetering on the brink of a total collapse and can’t continue to be a social and family provider and have enough funds left to maintain a proper national defense, period. 

Back to a strong nuclear and extended family system with the head of household as the provider is the only way the military will have enough funds to protect this great nation. When that is done the USA economy will have the capacity to take a punch from some pesky small country and counter punch with a total knockout. 

Right now the USA economy has a glass jaw in this writers opinion. No government can carry the financial load of a social and family provider and survive very long. Practically all government income originates directly or indirectly from private business profit.

The only thing that can generate profit is a private business and the liberals through their shallow mindedness and crippling regulations is choking them almost to death. 

All throughout history the family provider role has been reserved to the head of household until the "New Deal" came along. Then the government seizes the family provider role for itself and got drunk on power, and will never give up the role as long as a minimum wage law is in place.

Sure, everybody is so in love with FEMA and big government now, but what are you going to do when insane government spending has made money worthless and government can't play nursemaid anymore? Thank about it! It's going to happen! The insane arch-evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law must be repealed or else.

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