Thursday, September 28, 2017


Scroll down about four paragraphs to read about never fighting an internal battle all alone.

I have fond memories of the two years I lived in Puerto Rico. At the time 1964-1966 I was a young U.S. Air Force Firefighter and fire and crash rescue man station at Ramey Air Force Base. 

The base was about 90 miles from San Juan and on the far western end of the island near the little town of Aguadilla. 

While there I enjoyed some red beans and rice and fresh roasted pig along with the pleasant Caribbean climate. 

The paradise-like base has long since been turned over to the Navy. Just reminiscing and decided to share: By writer, Freddie L Sirmans Sr. 01 October 2017, 1751 hours. 

Mother nature operates on laws and is infinitely wiser than human beings. The fact is the most important things in life one just can't see without a certain amount of hardship, struggle, or even suffering, which is also the only way deep, deep wisdom can be acquired. 

Like the old Negro spiritual, "Nobody knows the trouble I've seen nobody knows my sorrow", many times the greatest struggles or suffering battles in ones life is internal and out of sight.  

That is why a seemingly normal person some times take their own life, all because they tried to fight an internal battle all alone without depending on the help of God or anyone else. 

Another fact is the welfare state has made the USA a soft spoiled p.... society, and the only thing that can save us as a free nation is a genuine true free market place economy, period. 

But, what is blocking the path to a genuine true free market place economy is the "Insane arch-evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law". The USA either repeals the 1938 minimum wage law or freedom perishes.

I see on TV about the government wanting to cut taxes and update the tax code. Well, anytime in this day and time when the government starts talking about improving the tax code I get nervous. 

The reason is both political parties want more revenue not less to support an ever-growing welfare state. 

I’m one that believes that the only thing that is going to prevent the USA from a total economic collapse is for the federal government to get the hell out of the family provider business entirely, period. 

Sure, I feel the government have a duty to help the very poor and needy to keep people from starving and freezing, but I believe the government should not give the citizens money to spend on an individual basis, the provider role must be reserve for the nuclear family head of household, period. 

As a last resort after the nuclear and extended family system, church organizations, and community organizations is exhausted only then the government must provide or set up its own commissaries, clinics, and housing units for the very poor and needy. 

And above all use tokens or scrip for all who apply, that will protect the USA currency from being contaminated, inflated, and diluted like it is today. 

But, the one step that must be done first before it is too late is: Repeal the insane arch-evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law. 

Otherwise, for the USA to continuing trying to feed the insatiable appetite of our monster welfare state beast is just plain dumb and stupid in this writer’s view. 

Soon only crumbs will be left to finance our military or anything else. However, if the 1938 minimum wage law was repealed, an all powerful untied USA free market place economy would kick ass and do whatever it take to save this great nation. 

The welfare state has split the USA into two main sometimes-hostile opposing camps. The two main camps are the Independent self-sufficiency minded type and the dependent non self-sufficiency minded type. 

The independent self-sufficiency minded type tends to be open minded and fear less about what other people and government thinks and more about what they are going to do for themselves. 

Whereas the dependent non self-sufficiency minded type tends to be just the opposite. And this camp also sees racism hiding behind every tree and even sees responsibility and accountability as racism.  

In closing folks, I’m just one lonely self-made neurotic writer reaching out to touch the heartbeat of America; all I have is my opinion, that’s all.  (Click here to understand slave blood killings)  


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