Wednesday, September 13, 2017

In this writer’s view the secret of deep wisdom is beyond logic. Many conservatives still think the USA can budget cut its way out of an inevitable economic collapse, wrong. On the other hand the liberals are too shallow to see a need to cut spending as long as one taxpayer is left standing. 

The liberals don't realize that every taxpayer gets his/her money to pay taxes directly or indirectly from the profits of some type of private business, period. Yet, many of them hate business, and are too shallow to know that profitable businesses are the golden eggs that make big government and the welfare state possible. 

Well, I’m not educated and no genius but I feel I have raw wisdom above average. Sure, I am wrong on a lot of things but one thing I’m not wrong on is the USA economy is headed toward a total collapse. And depending on fine-tuning this and on the other hand fine-tuning that ain't gonna cut it, you know what President Nixon said about that, "He said he was going to hire him a one arm economist".  

By political means the USA cannot be saved, but a genuine true free market place can even at this late stage. In my view the true solution is not new, I must have repeated it well over a thousand times but no one wants to hear it. “A thousand mile journal begins with the first step”. 

The only way to get a genuine true free market place economy, which will save the USA is to first repeal our 1938 socialist minimum wage law, period; there is no other way. Everyone knows the free market place works and has withstood the test of time. I rest my case.

Nature's supreme law Of "Natural Selection" is based on a survival need, which means if there is no survival need for anything in nature it will slowly, start ceasing to exist. There must be a survival need for men and women to get married. 

The welfare states in western civilization has made women independent to the point they no longer have a survival need for any man to survive. And it works both ways and is the reason there is more and more deadbeat dads. No sweat uncle sugar will take care of them, before the welfare state it was extremely rare for a man to leave his wife and kids totally stranded.

When you destroy the nuclear and extended family foundation you have nothing left in terms of human survival. It is no longer a matter of will the USA economy totally collapse, it is a matter of how much time we have left before it do collapse, period.

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