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My grandmother used to always say, it takes all kind to make up a world. But, the mentality of today's liberals scares me about our nation's future. I believe all down throughout history man has had to face hardship and struggle to survive. 

I believe that has conditioned man to need a certain amount of hardship and struggle in order to build the proper character, common sense, sound judgment, and survival instinct necessary for clear thinking. 

Otherwise, you end up with shallow mindedness, lack of wisdom, and abortions galore, all due to the 1938 minimum wage law and our welfare state, which will be the death of the USA, as we know it.  

A nation can barter and survive temporary without money and even through bankruptcy, but what no nation can ever do is survive without a strong nuclear and extended family foundation and a strong culture. And if you can't understand that you can't understand human survival.

This kind of simple knowledge would be wide spread kindergarten stuff if the USA had a positive sensible unbiased news media like before 1938, because that is when the insane arch-evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law was enacted upon us and our welfare state began. 

There is no doubt in my mind that this whole thing was a liberal power grab attempt. And if not for the second amendment they may have succeeded. Liberals will sell down the river the military, the country, and their own souls to defend and protect their God, the almighty welfare state beast. 

Talk, talk, talk, yap, yap, yap, and yap on and on to no end and no action. Liberalism and emotionalism goes hand in hand, which is counter-productive to societal discipline and public order. The USA must return to a non-minimum-wage genuine true free market place economy that has societal discipline, or soon face non-free "Iron Fist" rule, period.

This great writer believes not all, but the majority of our extreme liberal news media is out of touch with reality. And is a destructive force spewing negative anti-survival propaganda that has corrupted the thinking of half the nation's population. God save America (USA).

Also, I for one am convinced that there must be a divine element why Trump became president and is still standing. Everyone knows that the liberals are hell-bent on taking down this president. They see him as some kind of epic survival threat to them, which for the life me I can't see.

However, there is almost nothing innate about being a liberal, like almost everything else about being human it is learn behavior due to ones raising and environment. Many liberals have become conservative overnight after being slammed upside the head by a mugger or after being robbed of their possessions.

Time and the future are working against conservatives and the USA remaining a free nation. The reason is very simple, starting in 1938 the fair labor standards act minimum wage law actually removed the disciplining power to reward or punish (purge) from the USA economy.

That act left the USA economy with no way to fight and purge out inflation, thereby leaving the USA economy with no ability to fight off inflation or to maintain societal discipline.

A genuine true free market place economy must have free floating prices and wages because that is the only way it can fight off inflation and maintain societal discipline.

A free market place economy must have the ability to reward or punish (purge) because otherwise given time liberalism will always destroy it. That is why mass individual freedom is something almost unheard of through out history, because only some type of strong discipline can keep liberalism restrained and under control.

After all the response to reward or punishment is the key to all motivation and human behavior. Once the 1938 minimum wage law turned the USA economy into a weak phony inflated P…. economy it allowed liberalism, inflation, and big government to grow unchecked.

Without a strong disciplinarian economy any longer Liberalism now had the power with an inflated currency to become a super social and family provider. Then liberalism seized the family provider role from the traditional poor head of household provider, but liberalism never carried out the first duty of being the financial head of household, which is to make damn sure proper norms and traditions were instilled in the very young.

Those failures to guard, protect, and pass on proper norms and traditions begin the destruction of the USA culture and moral values that are in almost total ruins today. Now, around 80 percent of the USA population under the age of forty may be lost forever to liberalism insanity.

Obviously, we are losing our young to liberalism and unless the 1938 minimum wage law is soon repealed we will lose all of our young to liberalism. And there are only two ways to maintain order and prevent chaos with out of control liberalism.

The first way to control liberalism and be able to have a free nation at the same time is with a genuine true free market place economy, minus any insane arch-evil socialist minimum wage law.

The second way to control liberalism is by means of the “Iron Fist”, which will never tolerate hardly any individual freedom. Sure, a nation can get away with almost any cock-eyed economic scheme for four or maybe five generation, but, by then there is no culture foundation left to rebuild upon like in the USA and Western Europe.

What I am saying is like babble to most liberals, because they are far too shallow minded with weak survival instincts to understand without a strong nuclear and extended family foundation, we are totally doomed when the USA economy soon collapses from welfare state overspending, period.

I know it may sound like I hate and is totally against liberals and liberalism. But, I am a writer of great depth and wisdom, everything in nature is needed or it ceases to exist. Without liberals and liberalism this would be a dark dreary world without sunshine or laughter, after all who would make sure Bambi was safe and cared for.

My whole point is when properly balanced and not rogue and out of control liberalism is the greatest, but when there is no genuine true free market place economy or "Iron Fist" to control liberalism, it is extremely dangerous and deadly, period.

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