Friday, December 22, 2017

Sure, to the economically ignorant and the uninformed the 1938 socialist minimum wage law seem like the best thing since sliced bread, but to this writer more than any other single item it has contributed the most to the destruction of western civilization. 

When any nation can't exist without having to borrow billions just to keep its economy from totally collapsing, that nation is not in control of its own destiny in this writers view, period. Money talks and ..... walks. 

The future of a free USA ain't worth an unplugged nickel unless our insane arch-evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law is soon repealed. 

The USA is in a merry-go-around damn if you do or damn if you don’t financial survival dilemma. There is no choice but to pay at least the interest on our huge 20 trillion dollar debt bill, because the USA can’t survive unless we have the ability to keep on borrowing more money.

That is just plain dumb, stupid, and silly for any nation to be in such a dire situation in this writers view. But, what can you expect when any free nation has the gall to take on the awesome financial burden of being a permanent social and family provider.

To this writer government as a social and family provider is like a hooker on the streets needing to get a fix and will eventually sell ones own soul to get it. 

There is no doubt in my mind that in a New York minute liberals will sell the USA down the river to keep giving our welfare state beast its fix.

However, there is a way out and I have been drum beating it for over twenty years. The only solution is to restore the USA strong nuclear and extended family foundation, period. And to do that the insane arch-evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law must be repealed.

Having done that the USA will again have the ability to survive entirely on its own and borrowing money will become optional. Then paying so much on the dollar for debt settlement can be negotiated.

The only financial obligation a free nation's government should have is to pay the cost of internal and external protection. And to pay for the federal government's administrative cost and the very few things the people can't do for themselves, period.

If a nation is to remain free its government must never become more than an emergency temporary social and family provider, period. That is why I know without a doubt the days of a free USA will soon be over unless the 1938 socialist minimum wage law is soon repealed.

The USA is down to two choices: Repeal the 1938 socialist minimum wage law, which will reestablish a genuine true free market place economy that will restore our culture and correct all other ills. 

And the second and negative choice is to continue on our current path, which will let the liberals and liberalism finalize the destruction of a free USA.

It is only a matter of time before the liberals get back power over the federal government, but since they have already hollowed out the nation's culture and everything else, the next time chaos may become so great the people themselves may demand the "Iron Fist" just to have peace and order. And say to hell with this.

There is a world of difference between having a choice to borrow to live above ones means and a must need to borrow to survive, when all that is necessary for the USA to take back control over its own destiny is repeal the Arch-Evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law. It makes no sense at all to continue ignoring hard facts, period.

As a neurotic writer I don’t expect my writing to be taken seriously, but still it can be food for though. God save my beloved USA.


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