Sunday, August 13, 2017

I, as a self-made crude neurotic writer have been drum beating on the destructive power of the USA arch-evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law for a long time, now. And it has been like beating my head up against a brick wall, which any normal writer would have long ago thrown in the towel. 

I feel like the wood chopper, many times I have wished that I could just give up and walk away, but I feel it is my destiny to keep sounding the emergency distress call alarm to help save my beloved nation even if no one will listen. The main problem I face in getting anyone to see the logic of getting rid of the minimum wage law is perspective and wisdom to see the entire picture as a whole. 

By the way the wood chopper after swinging his great axe many times to split a mighty oak block just tossed his axe aside and decided to give up and walk away feeling he had totally failed. He could not see any results but before walking away he decided to kneel down for a closer look and to his surprise he could see the beginning of a small split. The moral of the story is no positive human effort is a total waste. 

Sometimes the right advice can change ones whole attitude, I remember when I was a young Airman in the military a Sgt. Williams said something that changed my whole attitude. I had become overly defensively and thinking I was getting too many raw deal. And one day I was bitching to Sgt. Williams and he said to me “Freddie you see all of these people around here, these people have eyes and if you are being mistreated everyone can see it”.  I got rid of my overly defensively attitude from that day on. 

My high school basketball coach said something over sixty years ago that I have never forgotten, the team seemed too impatience to settle down and set up the plays properly, he said something obvious and very simple “The other team can’t score when we have the ball”. Well, in economic terms a merchant can’t price the cost of his goods more than the poor and middle class can afford and still stay in business. 

That is the rule and law on understanding basic free market place economic (meaning you can’t get blood out of a turnip). And that law stands through hell and high waters unless government goes into competition against the working poor and middle class by giving cash to non-workers on an individual basis. 

In a true free market place economy the poor and middle class workers ability to pay is what sets the prices of goods, but when government pays non-workers on an individual basis that supplies enough guarantied customers so the merchant can say screw you working poor and middle class. 

The government should stick with taking a small amount of profit for internal and external defense and the very few things the people can't do for themselves. That way the seller and the buyer will maintain a natural balance and prices can't get out of hand. 

To protect the economy the government must never become a social and family provider unless it is going to provides its own commissaries, clinics, and housing units itself.

Anyway, so here we are making more and more inflated money that has less and less buying power. And even worse this whole process has all but totally destroyed our culture, moral standards, and our nuclear family foundation. 

As for the minimum wage law, none of this almost total destruction could have taken place without the full nelson choke hold it has on the USA free market place economy. Amen.
F. L. SIRMANS LOG: 13 AUGUST 2017, 2206 HOURS. 

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