Friday, August 4, 2017

I want to ask the liberals and countless other shallow minded people that don’t have the wisdom to pour piss out of a boot a very big question. 

Since you have unconditional blind faith in an omnipotent great father government, what are you going to do when the USA economy totally collapses and daddy government can’t take care of you?

The first thing is you won’t get an answer because the question will be seen as hypothetical and something that could never happen. 

Well, I’m one that thinks it can happen but pray that it never will. However, if the USA doesn’t get a grip on getting back to a true free market place economy very soon it can and “Will” happen without a doubt in this writers view.

You won’t get an answer to said question, so I will answer the question myself. Before the “New Deal” throughout history when a government went belly up the people relied on the strong nuclear and extended family foundation to regroup and get back on track. 

The boom and bust cycle is part of nature just like the life and death cycle, doctoring the economy can extend its life only so long but it must collapse or die at some point.

That is why I drum beat so hard and constantly on repealing the arch-evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law, which will untie the USA economy and restore our once strong nuclear and extended family foundation. 

I only want my beloved homeland the only home I know to be prepared to survive under all conditions; even knowing I will be hated like a mad dog for it.
F. L. SIRMANS LOG: 04 AUGUST 2017, 1322 HOURS.

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