Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Blaming other nations for our jobs being driven over seas or out of the USA is one the biggest lies that has ever been told. 

No problem has ever been solved by blaming others for ones own weakness or lack of discipline. 

The problem with the USA and has been for a long time is out of control government spending, period. No government can support a welfare state very long, time's up.

Every business must make a profit or go out of business. And the cold hard fact is the USA economy would have collapsed back in the early 1990's unless a way was found to cut expenses, that way was a mad dash to find the cheapest labor. 

The cheapest labor couldn't be found here in the USA because able-bodied men were already getting a SSI check or sponging off a mother, daughter, or some other female family member. 

I'm age 76 now but when I was a kid my grandmother got a check and I still think that was the greatest thing to ever happen to the elderly. 

However, a welfare state destroys the nuclear and extended family system and there never has and never will be a society that survives with that being the case, period. 

All "Wealth" and I mean with practically no exceptions comes from some form of private business profit and the truth is USA businesses don't produce enough profit to support our welfare state. 

So, how in the hell can you bring jobs back if a business can't afford all of the local, state, and federal taxes, plus license fees, permits, and countless other government mandates.

Businesses trying to make a profit to survive are why the jobs were driven over seas in the first place. Love me or hate me I am only trying to give you the cold hard reality facts. 

The only thing that has a chance of bringing jobs back and saving the USA and western civilization is to repeal our insane arch-evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law. And you can take that to the bank.

Socialism: I'm hearing just south of us down in Venezuela with their experiment in socialism and the ignoring of profit has them eating family pets and standing in line all day for food. 

I believe if the Dem's keep power and liberalism prevails that is where the USA will be in just a few years. 

I believe unless the insane Arch-evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law is somehow repealed the USA cannot remain a free nation. Right now most liberals hate profit and don't think it matters. 

There is no way to keep order and remain a free people with that prevailing mentality, our mostly liberal free press has failed to educate and keep the people truly informed. 

Boo! I'm your boogieman.
SIRMANS LOG: 18 MAY 2016, 2343 HOURS.


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