Tuesday, May 24, 2016

I've said it before and will say it again, Trump forces one to make an emotional choice, "Love him or leave him". His core followers have chosen to love him and after that he can't do no wrong. The ones that have chosen to leave him goes the full range from tuning him out to outright hate. 

In private life when one chooses to leave someone they can't stand, usually "Out of sight out of mind" means it is over and done with. However, with Trump running for president and being on TV so much, "Out of sight out of mind" is not so easily done with. The emotional turbulence one wanted to leave behind is now forced to deal with it coming at them from the TV. 

I'm one that believes that emotions affect everyone in some way; it seems to get in the air. To evoke strong emotions I believe is a gift that Trump has, and the effect can't be understood using reasoning. Sure, Trump has the ability evoke strong emotions, but the issues that he is addressing are what truly woo his core supporters. 

What now really seems to be coming into focus is Trump actually just might win this whole thing, but it won't be due to just his supporters. If Trump wins it will be because it boils down to two choices. The first choice is the democrats paired with liberalism and the second choice is the republicans paired with conservatism. 

Personally I don't believe Trump can accomplish most of what he promises, but if he can save the Supreme Court from a liberal takeover, he got my vote. And I believe that most reasonable men/women of common sense and sound judgment will come to that same conclusion. I believe continuing down this road of liberalism we are on leaves no chance of the USA surviving, nil. 

At least with Trump out of control liberalism will be put in check and the Supreme Court saved. Yet, the fact remains after years as a welfare state now most Americans can't recognize a survival threat, physical or moral even if it slapped them upside the head.

I'm no genius or rocket scientist, but I know if liberals get total control of the Supreme Court the second amendment and our right to bear arms is history. After many, many years our welfare state has produced an out of proportion amount of naive shallow minded liberals that can't see past their noses. 

I'm not a liberal or conservative I'm a realist. And I assure you there is a 100 percent fact that USA citizens will lose their right to bear arms if liberals take over the Supreme Court, period. After our guns are gone it will be only a matter of time before we lose individual freedom followed by private property rights, period. Liberals can't see this coming but I can my friend.
SIRMANS LOG: 25 MAY 2016, 2259 HOURS.

The thing about liberals and those that are shallow and uninformed is usually some form of pain is the only thing that forces them to see the light and become enlighten. The downside is we all are in the same survival boat and when all of our freedom and private property rights are gone, oops, now liberals finally see the light. Duh.

Individual freedom is the rare exception in history and it can't exist very long unless there is a genuine true free market place economy to maintain discipline. Otherwise, creeping do-good liberalism at some point will force a demand for some form of authoritarian rule just to maintain order and some sanity; the USA is nearing that point.

However, there is one last chance to save the USA and western civilization, the USA must repeal our arch-evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law, period. A minimum wage law blocks the disciplinary power of a free market place economy and allows liberalism to grow unabated out of control. 

And another thing: I believe for the most part today's free press is about as useless as tits on a boar hog. Most are shallow and liberal and in many cases distorts the news instead of objectively reporting it.

In no way am I criticizing all members of the USA free press, I still think there must be a free press for freedom to exist. 

SIRMANS LOG: 05 JUNE 2016, 1743 HOURS.

PS: Haters and those that are against you will try to make you a liar and perfectionist to dehumanize you. I never fall for it, people don't love you because you are perfect, people love you for being human and not perfect.

Knowing that my country cannot survive unless our strong nuclear and extended family system is restored is why I plod on. I know that 95 percent or more of the people who read my views vehemently disagrees and feel that I am mean and uncaring. 

Sure, I’m neurotic and no saint, but no one has to tell me how it feels to be beaten down, ridiculed, humiliated, laughed at, rejected, and told that I would never amount to anything. I have experienced it all and more. I almost never speak personally about myself because I feel it is self-serving, so forgive that brief relapse, I carry on. 

I learned fairly young that except in rare cases people self-destructs and blames it on others. I learned that if one can genuine love and forgive it is almost impossible for anyone to mentally destroy you. As a rule you will almost never find those that can genuine love and forgive in mental wards, in prisons, and loser on the streets or else where. 

Nothing has advanced civilization more than determine individuals with an idea or conviction, and against all odds stayed the course, like this writer, Freddie L Sirmans Sr.
SIRMANS LOG: 24 MAY 2016, 1223 HOURS.

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