Tuesday, May 22, 2018

It is never a wise idea to have all of ones survival eggs in one basket. And especially when the basket is a liberal created big spending super sugar daddy to all comers welfare state.

No one know when but as a writer I have a feeling in my bones that the USA whole economy is going to soon come crashing down. 

As a great creative thinker I don’t care what the egg heads and the learned economist tell you, I’m telling you we are decades well overdue for an earth shaking economic bust cycle rebirth. 

That is nature itself at work, boom and bust rebirth cycles must take place the same as the birth and death cycle to make room for the new. Already the negative anti-survival forces in the USA have become so powerful that common sense and sound judgment can barely be found in the nations news media any more.

And the problem is the USA has no chance of surviving through a sure to come full bust cycle. In case anyone is thinking the worst would be something like the hard times during the last great depression, forget that, we don't have the basic human survival infrastructure left.

During the last great depression in the USA almost everything was run by the private sector and hardly anyone was solely dependent on the federal government for anything.

During the last great depression the nuclear and extended family structure was strong along with the nations culture and moral values. Also, the people had great respect for other people’s feelings and property.

In that day there was enough emergency backup bartering capacity with many small farmers and home gardeners to buy time for the economy to regroup.

Besides, without the 1938 socialist minimum wage law it would bring back the days of many small farmers and home gardeners. Which would also bring back healthy natural grown food instead of these huge centralized plant and animal farms.

Hardly any of the above mention infrastructure things that allowed the USA to survive through the last great depression exist today, which will mean instant martial law if the USA economy failed today. And it will take martial law and the “Iron Fist” just to maintain order. Individual freedom may be gone forever to never return.

That is the reason I plead and beat the drum so hard for the repeal of the insane arch-evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law, because that was the first poison pill that hog tied the purging power in the USA economy, which thereby set inflation free to roam and corrupt the world.

Economic inflation is a two headed monster and like electricity, inflation can enrich and give you comfort, but dangerous enough to destroy any nations culture and inner moral fabric, too.

Economic inflation along with the welfare state and the 1938 socialist minimum wage law has certainly ripped apart USA culture and moral values. 

And has left the USA with almost no means of survival when the private USA economy soon collapses from the weight of our still growing federal welfare state obese beast.

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