Thursday, February 15, 2018

As a handicapped neurotic great writer I was against writing this type of article in this time of great sorrow, but I decided to give in and just let my pen do the talking. 

A slanted or crooked young sapling can be guided by using guideline to make it grow straight. 

The beginning of a very small fire can easily be stomped or smothered out, but once it becomes a raging inferno you have a monster on your hands. 

We as human beings are born with a lot of necessary negative emotions like spite, envy, jealousy, hate, anger, and etcetera. 

I believe it must be instilled in the very young that to recklessly use the negative emotions there must be a punishment cost to acting them out. 

Of course, all emotions are primarily self-serving but the negative ones tend to end in much more destruction. 

Disciplining a child is what instills a conscience in a child, and once the conscience is instilled it will guide his/her actions for the rest of their entire life. Only some type of discipline can instill a conscience in a child. 

What is happening with all of this school shooting is the shooters have very weak consciences or none at all, period. 

It takes discipline to instill a conscience in a child, which is not being done on a mass scale like before the welfare state and the breakdown of the strong nuclear and extended family foundation began. 

Sure, non-corporal punishment can work, but the strongest consciences are instilled from licks on the ass. However, unjust, improper, and abusive corporal punishment can mentally damage a child for life. 

I will end this article by saying: People with very strong consciences occasionally slip up, but it is guaranteed that they will never have peace of mind until they fess-up and clear their conscience. 

This is what all of this extreme liberal insanity news media propaganda has brought upon this great nation: Too few instilling strong consciences in our young, sad, sad, sad… 

A conscience must be instilled in a child by the age of ten, the same as a young sapling can be set to grow straight, but wait too long and it will break before it will bend.

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